Frank Galarza signs with AC Sports Management

Jr.Middleweight contender Frank Galarza has recently inked with Adrian Clark, AC Sports Management. Galarza will be looking to Adrian Clark to guide his career has he hopes to land a Jr.Middleweight title bout in the near future.

Frank Galarza, climbed to contender status with a limited amateur background and made debut in 2010. Taking his first lost in 2015 against Jarrett Hurd. Then he fought Ishe Smith and lost again by a MD. Galarza was during that fight in round two. Now at 31 years old he is looking to get things back on track. "I know that I have a lot of fight left in me. The past 2 years were tough but that's the business for you. I am glad to have the right team behind me, now. Big things ahead," said Galarza.

"It wouldn't be right if AJ was not involved. I reached out to AJ and told him that I wanted to work for Frank but he (Galante) had to be on board. I am excited to work with Notorious FG and AJ. This will be a great team effort". Clark stated.

Clark did not specify a date of Galarza's return but mentioned that he has been in contact with a few promoters interested in signing Galarza.

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