Why did the Tyson Fury vs Oleksandr Usyk heavyweight undisputed clash get canceled?

The boxing world appeared to be waiting for the greatest boxing match in recent memory, with Tyson Fury vs Oleksandr Usyk scheduled to take place and boxing results favoring the Brit. But recent reports have suggested a potential cancellation or a change in some major aspects (Date, Venue, Contracts, etc.) Today we will discuss the potential reason behind the hangover.


What are the issues delaying the Tyson Fury vs Oleksandr Usyk fight?

Well, with boxing, naturally the first issue behind fights not surfacing is usually suspected to be money. Tyson's father John Fury confirmed these suspicions saying,

"Greedy promoters don't want to pay Tommy what he's worth, and it's the same with Tyson. That's what the delay is here. They won't pay him what he's worth, they want him for nothing. They want to make all the money, they want the lion's share and give Tyson the small end."

"But that ain't going to wash with us - it's the Fury way or the highway, we ain't bowing down to no one because we are the kings of the ring at the minute. Today, we are the kings of the ring; Tyson Fury is the king of the ring, Tommy will come through. We can't say what's going to happen with Tommy but we can say he's going to give them all a run for their money."

It is understandable that Tommy Fury may not get a huge purse per SportsZion as he is not a big enough name. But should 'TNT' manage to defeat 'The Problem Child' Jake Paul come February 26th, his stocks are expected to hit the roof. Unfortunately, the same can not be said about Tyson who is a bigger name than his Ukrainian counterpart.

Don't get us wrong, Usyk has the necessary accolades to be considered more than eligible to fight 'The Gypsy King'. The Three-promotion champion has already defeated Fury's previous rival Anthony Joshua twice. Other names on the list like Joe Joyce and Francis Ngannou don't have such level of achievements yet.

Issues involving the venue and belt status are also getting discussed in relevant circles but financial issues are still the prime suspect behind the delay of this legendary bout.

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