Mayweather-McGregor Betting Odds Continue To Change

When the super-event between Floyd Mayweather Jr and Conor McGregor was announced just a few weeks ago Las Vegas odds immediately hit with Floyd Mayweather being a huge favorite over McGregor. The opening line started at -1100 for Floyd Mayweather and +800 for Conor McGregor. Those opening odds seemed pretty off considering that most people with any sort of knowledge of both sports consider McGregor to have a zero percent chance of winning the fight.

Apparently, most people don't care. Bets have been flowing in favor of Conor McGregor so much so that the odds have dropped significantly. Floyd Mayweather is now as low as -600 now with McGregor at +400. Back in late of 2016 when the idea of Mayweather-McGregor was being tossed around betting odds had Mayweather at -2200 with Conor being at +950. The significant drop over the last eight months means that people have faith in McGregor, or they are just praying he lands that haymaker knockout punch.

To make it even more amusing, Mikey Garcia is a -750 favorite to beat Adrien Broner. Meaning Vegas is giving Conor McGregor a better chance at beating Floyd Mayweather than they are of Adrien Broner to beat Mikey Garcia. It's likely Floyd's odds will go back up but for now it's good for anyone out there wishing to put the house on Floyd Mayweather. It may be worth it at -600.

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