Omar Figueroa: I took a year off to heal

After taking a year and a half break from the boxing ring, undefeated former champion Omar Figueroa (26-0-1, 18 KO's) will finally return to the ring on July 15th when he takes on veteran Robert Guerrero (33-5-1, 18 KO's). The war-torn Figueroa stated that his body needed a break after having been in some toe to toe wars in 2014 and 2015.

"After my last fight I felt that I needed a break - time to be a father, a son, a brother and a friend. I needed the time to heal my body, mind and soul. I fought with broken hands, I fought world-class athletes; having fought since I was 6, I wanted to take a break and just be human. So I took a year off to heal from the injuries, be with my family and friends, be a father and just be me."

Figueroa will take center stage against a tough veteran Robert Guerrero in a weight division that he isn't accustomed to fighting at. He spent most of his career fighting at 135 with his last two fights being at 140 and then an astounding 151 against Antonio Demarco, the last time he was in the ring.

Here are some notes from Figueroa's camp:

On changing camp to Indio, CA and working with Joel Diaz:

"January 1 I was back in the boxing mode. Training, running, focusing on diet and getting ready and into camp. The break has given me more focus and the opportunity to change my camp up.

"I am back training with Joel Diaz in Indio, CA and have been going back to Texas to see my family. My dad will always be my father and a big part of my career, but I felt that when I ended my break, I wanted to change my program and go back to Joel. This is our first fight back and I'm looking forward to it in many ways."

On training camp:

"My health and the time training have been great. I'm getting more and more excited for the fight as I'm getting prepared for it. It's on my mind.

"I'm older, I'm wiser, I have been through this before and know what not to do. It's the wisdom that comes with experience."

On his future:

"I don't plan ahead; I don't look to next fights. I look at the now and think about future fights after this one. I want to make sure I'm healthy.

"I don't get ahead of myself with boxing. I am a boxer, a former world champion, I love and believe in the power of this sport, but I don't let it rule my life."

On training with his brother, Brandon Figueroa, in Indio:

"It helps me, we push each other. My family is very competitive so it helps to have someone like that training with me. It helps to have Brandon here as well as my cousins; we push each other to the limits. We live together, we train together, and we make sure we are the best we can be."

On fighting for the first time in New York and his expectations:

"This is my first time fighting in New York, I expect the New York crowd to be ready for a good fight, because that's what they'll see from me.

"I want to be known for good shows. It's what we get paid to do as fighters. I showcase the technical side of boxing and add a lot of entertainment behind how I fight, so that's what the fans get."

The role that Mexico, Texas and California play in his career;

"I feel like I get the best of all the worlds. I love Mexico - I go there all the time; I plan to go there after the fight. I love California, it's taught me a lot, the people, the culture, the boxing here is phenomenal; and obviously Texas is where I grew up and it's made me who I am. I love the opportunities that I get and the things I get to do, who I get to do it with and where I get to do it. "

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