Abel Sanchez: By no means did we slack off against Jacobs

Abel Sanchez was adamant yesterday when the question was brought up on whether or not Gennady Golovkin "took it easy" on Danny Jacobs to lure in Canelo to a fight. Many people speculated that Golovkin's vulnerability in the Jacobs fight was done on purpose so that they could finally get Canelo to fight Golovkin. However Golovkin's trainer had this to say when the question was brought up on whether or not Golovkin looked vulnerable on purpose:

"Absolutely not. You never take a chance on losing a fight, and by doing something ridiculous like that, we take a chance of the judges seeing it the other way. Our fight against Canelo was made because Canelo felt that he was ready, Oscar felt that he was ready and the Reynosos felt that he was ready. But there was no intent on our part, on mine or the team's part to look bad. We did what we needed to do against Jacobs to win. Jacobs was a difficult opponent, but by no means did we slack off. We want it to start but we want it to start at our best."

Sanchez had nothing but good things to say about his fighter's opponent Canelo, and Canelo's trainers. Sanchez praised Canelo's improvement over the last couple years.

"Tremendous improvement. I think, like I said, Eddy and Chepo have done a fantastic job. I think when we had him here at 19, 20 years old, he looked like a star, like he could have been a star. He looked like he was progressing but the fight that they put him in, the challenges that they have given him, have developed into the star that he is today. I see tremendous improvement."

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