Gennady Golovkin: I have maybe 5 more years left

When the Canelo-Golovkin fight was first signed Gennady Golovkin was fielding a numerous amount of questions every day, in a language that he didn't quite fully understand. While sometimes he uses a translator, most of the time he tries to answer the questions by understanding it in the English language. Somewhere in those interviews it got to a point where Golovkin mentioned that he might retire, win or lose, after the Canelo fight. It could have been Golovkin simply misunderstanding the question. Maybe he really wasn't thinking it. Maybe his advisors told him afterwards it wasn't a good idea to mention retirement before the biggest showdown of his career, especially since he is far away from where they want him to be in terms of a PPV seller.

Regardless, Golovkin seemed to clear the air on the conference call when someone asked him how much longer he felt comfortable fighting.

"Maybe like 40, five years more. This is boxing. Every day is difficult and dangerous. Right now I feel great. Everything's good. My family and my team support me. I feel very comfortable. So probably, yeah, five years more." Golovkin stated.

It's hard to gauge what fighters are really thinking in their heads. Golovkin is 35 years old but his body hasn't taken much punishment in the pro's. For the fans, five more years would be something they would love to see.

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