Juan Estrada & Carlos Cuadras BATTLE to the end!

Kicking things off on HBO superbly boxing event was Juan Estrada taking on Carlos Cuadras that was scheduled for twelve rounds. Juan Estrada defeated Cuadras by UD with scores 114/113 114/113 114/113.

There was no feeling each other out from the bell. Both fighters came to fight and let their hand go right from round one. Carlos Cuadras was successful landing to the body and landed 12 jabs taking round one. Coming out strong in round two Cuadras continued snapping the jab right down the middle. Estrada set back looking for the counter landing the hook to the body. Still sharp in the round both fighters kept a strong pace.

Cuadras staying strong & taking the fight going into round three. Cuadras outhustling Estrada and landed well to the body. Cuadras threw 68 body punches and landed 25. The right hand to the head was landing hard & moving Estrada back, however Estrada was the one pressing the action. Cuadras, firing off a lot and although he seems ahead into the 4th Estrada was sticking to his plan and etching through with counter punches.

While Estrada needed to keep up volume, Cuadras was looking to slow down going into the fifth. Estrada had his best round in the 5th sneaking in shots and countering well. Then Cuadras rallied back at the end of the round during the heated exchanges.

Things changed in the second half of the fight as Estrada started to sit down on his punches & turned up the heat. Estrada landed more impactful blows in the sixth to close strong. In round seven Cuadras was riding his bike as Estrada coming for the kill. Walking down and crushing the body & head.

Then things turned again in the 9th when Cuadras started landing snapping combinations. Until he got dropped in the 10th round with a straight right hand. Recovering he beat the count got up and fought back hard. Starting strong in round 10 looking fresh on his feet he pressed the action. However Estrada stayed calm landing counter punches looking for one more big shot to score the knockout.

It was a tough fight thru each round with both fighters giving it everything and pressing the action. Cuadras is fun to watch in and out, winging punches, always moving. Estrada has the tighter technique.

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