Rigondeaux vs. Lomachenko ESPN Undercard Results

Shakur Stevenson TKO2 Oscar Mendoza

Kicking things off on the stacked telecast ESPN fight card was Shakur Stevenson vs. Oscar Mendoza. Stevenson started strong in his southpaw stance landing the lead right. Firing things off right from the bell Stevenson let the hands go landing hard and setting on his punches. It was clear that as the 1st round ended Oscar Mendoza was already hurt and in trouble. The ref stepped in to stop the fight in the second round. Mendoza was taking a lot of punishment.

Bryant Cruz TKO3 Christopher Diaz

Christopher Diaz & Bryant Cruz started round one with fireworks. Both fighters came out throwing power punches trying to establish the pace. Then Christopher Diaz landed a BIG shot landing a short hard right hand dropping Cruz mid round. Cruz recovers and survives the round. Kicking off the 2nd round Bryant Cruz started strong snapping the jab having a lot of success. Diaz chopping the body and landed a hard left hook to the body dropping Bryant Cruz again. Then Bryant Cruz got dropped again by another left hook to the body at the end of the bell. The fight ended in the 3rd round from a shirt right hand the dropped Bryant Cruz at the beginning of the round.

Michael Conlan defeated Luis Fernando Molina Scores 60/54 60/54 60/54

Michael Conlan establishes his jab right from the 1st round bell. Molina returns fire hitting Conlan flush and pressing the action. As the round counted down Conlan started hitting the body as Molina continued to move forward. Michael Conlan landed the one / two right down the middle with nice combinations early in round two. Molina has success when he comes in with combinations landing to the head. Conlan with his hands in his pockets attacking the head and not doing much body work. Molina staying strong and continued to press the fight. Toward the end of the fight Conlan was clearly outclassing Molina controlling the rounds.

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