Salido vs Roman a savage beating in a phone booth

Right from round one Miguel Roman bulls Salido right to the ropes keeping the fight in a phone booth. Orlando Salido off to a slow start but lands a BIG right hand that really hurt Roman. Still hurt toward then end of the round he kept on fighting and closed the round. Leading into the 2nd round Salido sets the pace with big punches landing flush as Roman absorbed them well. Roman seeming still hurt from the punches in the 1st round showed heart pressing the fight. Salido chopped at the body then he got caught with a punch to his head. It was a speculate sequence of punches where both fighters weathered the storm.

Orlando Salido got caught in the 4th round by a Miguel Roman right hand and he took a 9 count. Being on the canvas is nothing new as he got up and started fighting as if nothing happened. The affliction of damage continued into the 5th round as the fight savagely stood in a phone booth trading punches down the stretch. A real battle of attrition between Salido and Roman continued on into the late rounds.

Not much changed in the late round. The fight was the same, both trading punches and punches with a slight edge to Salido. However these are the type of fights that are very difficult to score.

Then Orlando Salido was dropped again in the 8th round and seemed very hurt. But in the Orlando Salido style and heart he got back up and fought thru the pain toe to toe. Again Orlando Salido gets dropped again in the 9th round and this time the ref stopped the fight. It was a combination of punches to the head and body that beat the fight out of Salido.

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