Why WBC’s New YouTube Series ‘Boxing Back When’ Will Be a Hit

The World Boxing Council (WBC) today launched a new series on their YouTube Channel. The new series is titled “Boxing Back When…”. The WBC will be uploading episodes every Monday at 12 pm PT.

More About ‘Boxing Back When’

One episode features former champion, BAM BAM Brandon Rios. The episode is very emotional and touching. Rios will be making his return to the ring that Saturday against another great fighter, Ramon Alvarez on DAZN. To follow are other boxing legends such as Riddick Bowe, David Benavidez, Evander Holyfield, Chris Byrd and many others. Did you know that gambling industry also have boxing online pokies games related?

Pepe Sulaiman and the Los Angeles office created the series. The intention was for fans to know more about their favourite fighters. Actually, fans will get to see a different side of fighters. Yes, we love seeing them in the ring but we’ll love knowing more about their journeys. Hopefully get some insights that will help us make better real many bets. The first episode marks the beginning of numerous interviews going back and very close to some of our favourite boxers.

Why ‘Boxing Back When’ Will Be a Hit

Getting up close to our favourite fighters emotionally creates more fans. Not only that, it helps fans respect the boxers’ sacrifice to get to where they are. Inevitably, the creation of an emotional bond between fighters and fans will grow the sport, Just like best online casinos for south africans it is growing because it has so many supports.

Another thing to note is that the sport has no barriers between the fan and the fighter. We, the fans, get to see our fighters in the heat of the moment. Moreover, we get to see our fighters being vicious, aiming for a win. On the other hand, the series will let us see the fighters as normal beings like us. They are not competitors anymore and we see their intimate side.

Finally, the show gets really personal with the fighters. We know about their childhoods and their introduction to the sport. We also get to know the big changes that boxing has brought in the lives of our favourite fighters.

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