The Top Tips to Help You Bet on Boxing Like a Pro

Boxing is one of the first combat sports in the history of mankind. What probably began with an argument and then a fist fight then led to it being held as contests in 6th century BC as known to us today. Boxing has historically seen betting since the advent of the game. Most spectators get so involved because hey! Who doesn’t like watching a man to man bare fight?

The nature of the game invites involvement from the audience in the gallery. Fist thumping and air boxing are but the most common reactions from people who watch the sport, be it in the sidelines or on television.

As the sport developed, most stars of the game became revered to the world and till today are considered some of the most celebrated sportspersons in the world; the legacy they have created has ignited a love for the game in the hearts of many youths. There was only marginal viewing of the sport in the early 20th century with stars like Jack Johnson and Jack Dempsey as baseball took over as the most important sport in the US.

Today, you can bet on your favorite boxing matches easily on, but that’s not what we are going to talk about. Instead, we are going to talk about why sites like Betway became popular when it comes to betting on boxing games.

How Did Boxing Industry Change?

During the early 20th century, boxing betting as we see it today was banned in several countries such as the United States of America and the United Kingdom. By the mid-1920s boxing betting had become more rampant, and the sport started seeing big money.

In the next couple of decades, the game saw a gradual slump before being catapulted to its status as a top world sport with the coming of Cassius Clay (later Mohammed Ali) who beat all odds to register the biggest upsets in professional boxing. This also brought more global attention and money into the sport. Boxing betting came to a hitherto unseen high. This period also saw the biggest fights with big money involved.

There are several ways to place a wager. These range from simple cases of bout betting where you can choose a winner to cases where you use a pin for a draw. The more common and complicated betting styles involve guessing if the match will last the whole 12 rounds or the number of rounds in which the match will be over or the method of victory. One popular (and rather safe) method to follow when rooting for a player when the outright odds are low is the Round betting- this lets you predict the winner of the match as well as the round in which he would triumph.

Another crucial thing to watch out for before placing your faith in a player would be to look at the form he is in, his experience at the level he is playing and also how well he responds to high-pressure. While many bigwigs tend to thrive in high-pressure situations, we have seen the best of the best caving into it. Look up head-to-heads or match the history of the two players and make sure the news or information you are gathering is credible and not just sensationalist.

With Betway, you can bet on all of these games any time you want. More importantly, Betway allows you to bet live - just what you want!

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