All You Need to Know About 7 Popular Martial Arts

You can find many different types of fighting techniques which have been made and are used all over the world. The names and information on an array of popular ones among them are briefed in this article. Have a look...

1. The Birth of MMA

The first Fu (Ultimate fighting championship) was started on November 12, 1993, in Denver Colorado, with the intention of finding out the most successful self-defense skill through real fights between opponents, each competent in different fighting disciplines. In following fights, the fighters started implementing more effective tactics from other martial arts styles, which triggered the roll-out of MMA (Mixed martial arts).

Scott Adkins, Bruce Lee, Tony Jaa, and Jackie Chan are some of the well-known names that come to mind while you think about fighting styles. Their particular gravity-defying techniques and outstanding on-screen performances have served them entice an enormous fan following. Especially, they've awakened quite a lot of curiosity about martial arts training among the public.


Kickboxing, as the name indicates, is actually a fighting technique that uses punching and kicking to take down a rival. It's based on various other prominent fighting techniques, such as karate, western boxing, and muay thai. Kickboxing is usually a big sports event around the globe, and it is performed as a way of self-defense as well as for staying fit. The main event of kickboxing is MMA which is the most watched event on TV and live in the complex. The majority of the kickboxing fans can't help reading, watching and listening to the Latest fightful mma news.

3. Kung Fu

The word Kung Fu means 'an ability or skill to do something.' It's also known as 'Wushu.' This particular self-defense skill is considered to have been developed by the monks of the Shaolin temple in China. Kung Fu consists of advancement of external power: muscles, suspensory ligaments, and tendons, and also inner toughness: psychological concentration and chi tricks. It provides both, bare-handed fighting tactics, and also the efficient use of standard weapons.

4. Judo

The name Judo usually means the 'gentle way.' This particular skill was created in Japan by Jigoro Kano in the late 19th century. Judo is actually a disarmed martial art style that has been extracted from Ju-Jitsu. It educates the specialist in the particular use of different grappling and hold techniques, to swiftly unbalance a challenger, making him or her fall down, exactly where a joint-lock or a jammer is used to get him or her to submit.

5. Karate

The word Karate usually means 'empty handed' in Japan. Master Gichin Funakoshi made this self-defense technique easy, as well as appended a philosophical contact to the skill. He's generally acknowledged for popularizing and introducing it in all islands of Japan.

Karate gets from various Chinese fighting styles, and it is generally a disarmed fight that depends on using the feet and hands to deliver, in addition, to averting kicks and punches.

6. Jeet Kune Do

Jeet Kune do is usually a more contemporary type of martial art style, which features tactics from kung-Fu, fencing, and punching. Its major rule is to be capable of adapting based on adversary's fighting situation and style. It hinges on solid and quick offensive moves, such as grappling, kicking, trapping, and punching to combat the enemy.

7.Krav Maga

The homeland of this particular skill is Israel. On the other hand, because of its success, police forces and military units have been doing it all around the globe. Krav maga is usually a type of self-defense, which shows one to make use of reflexive reactions to get through intimidating situations.

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