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Statistics show that every 40 seconds there is a malicious hacker attack. Malicious hackers (black hat hackers) are people who exploit network and computer weaknesses to carry out illegal activities such as data manipulation, data theft and fraud. Malicious attacks are prevented and detected by ethical hackers. An ethical hacker is a professional employed by an organization to look for weaknesses in computer systems and come up with solutions to prevent malicious attacks. Due to the increasing number of cyber attacks, professionals certified in the field of ethical hacking are on high demand. Ethical hackers who possess the certification can prove that they can use hacking knowledge, skills and tools efficiently. The best certification for ethical hackers is EC-Council CEH credentialwhich can be obtained after passing 312-50 exam.

About EC-Council organization

Research on the World Trade Center attack on 9/11 led to the establishment of the EC-Council. Jay Bavisi, the founder of this organization, found that an attack such as the 9/11 on the cyber battlefield would bring a lot of damage. The information security officials at that time didn’t have the right knowledge, tools and skills to prevent cyber attacks. EC-Council was formed to provide security training, exams and certifications.

EC-Council offers a lot of different credentials, but the major ones are Security Analyst, Certified Ethical Hacker, Certified Network Defender, Forensic Investigator, Encryption Specialist and Advanced Penetration Testing.

CEH certification overview

To get CEH certification from EC-Council, the interested candidates should pass 312-50 exam. The target audience of CEH credential is security professionals, auditors, site administrators, security officials and any other person who is concerned about the integrity of computer and network infrastructure.

To be eligible for CEH certification, you need to fulfill a certain set of requirements. You have two options:

1. You need to attend an official instructor-led, computer-based or online live training or possess a previous version of CEH certification. Also, you are required to agree to EC-Council Non-Disclosure, application andcertification agreement terms.

2. You need to have at least two years of experience in the information security field, possess an appropriate educational background, pay a non-refundable application fee of $100, complete and submit Exam Eligibility Application Form and buy an exam voucher directly from official EC-Council website.

312-50 exam details

You have 4 hours (240 minutes) to do the 125 multiple-choice questions found in 312-50 exam. The test is delivered either as 312-50 (VUE) or 312-50 (ECC EXAM). To apply for 312-50 (VUE), you need to visit the Pearson VUE website. The minimum age requirement for 312-50 exam is 18 years.

The 312-50 cut score is not constant since it ranges from 60% to 85% and is determined by the questions included in the test and the individual’s performance. The E-Council offers its exams in multiple forms which are analyzed and scrutinized to ensure that the tests will assess not only the theoretical but also the hands-on skills of the candidate.

Importance of CEH certification

CEH certification will help you to gain the knowledge and skills needed in preventing and finding solutions to cybercrimes. CEH certification will also enable you to think like a hacker to beat these malicious people and use hacking tools to test system vulnerabilities. Once you are awarded CEH certification, you will surely get a job promotion which comes together with a salary increment.

The popularity of EC-Council CEH

CEH certification is so popular since it is offered by EC-Council which is known for its strict rules. EC-Council CEH certification also offers better knowledge and technical know-how. Many organizations and employers recommend EC-Council CEH certification so that the certified professional will have an easy time looking for a job. EC-Council also provides the best 312-50 exam materials and resources which facilitates exam preparation.

How to pass 312-50 exam

The main tips to pass this exam are a thorough revision, preparation courses andpractice tests. To nail 312-50 exam, you need to come up with a study plan considering all exam objectives, do drills and research, familiarize and play with the hacking tools and schedule your exam only when you are ready. On the day of the exam, you need to be at the testing center some time before the test begins.

The best web resources for 312-50 exam

On the web, you will find all the resources and materials needed to score high in 312-50 exam. Best websites which have quality 312-50 exam preparation resources are Prepaway, PrepAway andExamCollection. Here you will find exam dumps and training guides to successfully pass your test.

312-50 exam dumps are of great help to candidates. The best site which offers reliable 312-50 exam dumps is Prepaway. The exam dumps you will download from hereinclude a collection of questions and answers and come free or at an affordable price.The VCE files offered by Prepaway are up-to-date and verified by the experts in the industry. You can also download the VCE Exam Simulator compatible with your device from the Prepaway website. Moreover, CEH certification exam 312-50 training course offered by Prepaway includes a study guide and more than 180 lectures.


Today, cases of hacking and penetration have become common and a lot of organizations have lost billions through these activities. CEH certification will enable you to ensure that the computer systems in an organization you work for are safe. You will also improve your living standard after doing the EC-Council CEH certification exam since you will get a job promotion and a salary increment. If you have already scheduled your test, the best exam 312-50 preparation materials are found on Prepaway website.

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