5 Reasons You Should Include Your Girlfriend in Your Fight Night Parties

It’s fight night and you’ve invited the guys over. The drinks are flowing, the preliminaries are happening, and the guys are around. On the other hand, your girlfriend is in the other room, or at her place watching tv or something. Why don’t you bring her into the fighting fun? Here are several reasons why you need to get your girlfriend into the room and make her feel comfortable.

You Can Introduce Her to the Guys

Remember when you first started out with Houston chatting while you were looking for a girlfriend? You told the guys you were bringing a beautiful, great woman home. Well, now is your chance to show her off to the guys and let them see what kind of a great person you have landed. Whether she’s got a great personality or looks for the ages, your real friends are going to find someone to love about her. Also, this helps to “rip the bandaid off” quite early on in the relationship. From there, it’s just meeting the same people again and again instead of new ones.

It Makes Her Feel More Connected to You

Another reason that you will want to bring in your girlfriend for fight night is that it will make her feel more connected to you. Whether you are in the serious throes of the relationship or just starting out, the fact that you took the time to bring her into your ritual will demonstrate that you are going to be willing to make her a mainstay in your life. While it can be a little difficult to include each other in things like watching the fights, it’s a great way to get started at the very least.

Watching Fights Make Her Realize It’s Not Gladiator Battles

A lot of women that haven’t watched an MMA bout or boxing for that matter think it is a brutal and bloodthirsty sport. However, the fact is that there are a lot of rules that govern all kinds of combat sports as most people know well. That’s why it is important to introduce your loving girlfriend to combat sports so that you can show her it’s not all about the blood. It is physical training and mental work that helps people completely defeat another person in the most direct way possible. You’ll never have to deal with an eye roll again when you talk about how much you love to watch the fights because she will understand what you’re seeing.

She Can Find a New Interest

Let’s not count out the ladies on this one, guys. Plenty of women are either in MMA or fans of the fights these days. You don’t always find a girlfriend that is going to shy away from a little blood. You might spark a real and lasting interest in your girlfriend by including her in your fight nights. Being a fan of something is partially enjoying the sport but also enjoying the camaraderie that you experience with your friends that are watching. Invite your girlfriend in and see if her eyes light up; she might surprise you!

All in all, there are a lot of reasons that you will want to bring your lady friend in on the process of watching the fights. Not only can you make her face a common one around your household, but she doesn’t have to miss out on a night with you. Your connection will grow and she might even learn a thing or two along the way. Keeping in mind all of those reasons, it’s easy to see why it is such a good idea to invite your girlfriend out for fight night.

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