Sports schools with a focus on MMA and boxing in the USA

Joining a gym, early on in life, can develop that physical and mental health all adults search for further on in life. And while there are many ways to do so, boxing and mixed martial arts, take this preparation of a will and physical endurance to a whole new level. Down below we’ll discuss some of the most interesting looking schools, which offer great facilities for practicing boxing or MMA.

Considerations on MMA

This full contact sport has become increasingly famous in the latter years and it’s not only due to the terrible violence players inflict one upon other. It’s a sport that tests both mental prowess and the discipline necessary to upstand a serious amount of pain. College students that have it in their mind to start practicing MMA need to be fully aware what to expect. However, college MMA is still at its beginnings. Up until now, wrestling was a huge deal and mixed martial arts fighters were chosen from within the wrestlers’ ranks.

Considerations on boxing

The alternative to MMA training and fighting would be to choose the more classical alternative of boxing. There is more than one paper that details the lives and accomplishments of boxing legends. If searching inspiration in this area, the research paper done by authors at PapersOwl can take you through the careers of Frazier, Lewis, Ali, Tyson, or more recent Mayweather. Although a bit less consuming than the MMA training can be, the price to pay for becoming a pro boxer is still pretty steep.

The college boxing world is split into three areas, depending on the region of provenance, in Eastern, Midwest and Far West. The National boxing competition has become a three ways business between the Academies of Military, Navy and Air Force. Their teams are dominating the competitions for several years now, although, once in a while, another University claims the championship.

American Top Team –Coconut Beach, Florida

If there is someone that believes MMA is a solitary sport, they should take a good, hard look at the way they do things at the renowned American Top Team. Surely, it has become famous to common people due to its participation at a reality show, but in the world of fighting, there are plenty other reasons they are known for. Firstly, their junior academy, where kids are preparing for a wide variety of contact sports, making it one of the best MMA schools, precisely on account of Their specializations reside in Brazilian jiu-jitsu and developing self-defense skills.

University of Washington – Seattle, Washington

This University has come into our attention due to its results in the National boxing tournaments and due to the increasing importance of boxers in recent years. The foundation of the boxing department and the road to victory could make a great outline for research paper on college boxing’s success stories. The University of Washington managed to write history by winning the first American University female boxing competitions from 2014 to 2016. Right before it became another fighting competition to be snatched by Military and Navy contestants. However, winning the newly inaugurated female tournament, at its debut, is a historical event.

Xtreme Couture – Las Vegas, Nevada

It’s possible to not know who Randy Couture is, although a quick online survey is clearly bound to sort things out. The fact that the word “extreme” finds itself in its naming is a marketing stunt designed to draw attention to it. As a matter of fact, the school’s specialty is injury prevention and physical therapy. A rather awkward choice for a full-contact sports academy. They sustain that in order to be prepared for a fight, staying in proper fighting form is mandatory, thus the focus on the prevention of injuries, making it one of the best MMA camps.

University of Nevada, Las Vegas

A direct competitor to the Couture school of MMA, the University of Nevada has a long-lasting connection to the boxing world. This was the first title winner of the National tournament in 1976 after the National Collegiate Boxing Association was created, specifically for organizing such an event. Their success remains specified in writing in the history books. They have won a total of 6 tournaments, with the last one in 2015, being the only ones that have resisted for so many times in front of the domination in the ring of the Military, Navy and Air Force Academies.

Jackson Wink MMA – Albuquerque, New Mexico

This school can successfully compete for the title of the best MMA gym in the world. Dating back since 1992, it has been the starting point of many champions’ careers. There are constantly newcomers hoping to get a shot at celebrity, showing up at the Jackson Wink Academy. It has been designed as a custom program, to live and train alongside other fighters, portraying what we’ve said before about MMA is a sport that develops a community around it.


There are many schools which value the unique traits that MMA or boxing training might develop in a young student. Each of the ones presented here, have their own prideful accomplishments, their own fame in the fighting industry and have produced a large number of champions. And each stands out through a certain specialty that makes more and more students want to embrace these sports.

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