How to Bet on Boxing with Ease

For over a century, people have been betting on boxing. The popularity of boxing wagering might have taken a nosedive at a point in history; it is beginning to attract wide interest from both hard-core and casual fans thanks to super fights. Boxing wagering is very similar to betting on MMA. One can bet on which boxer is going to win, how long it will take them to emerge, winner, how they are going to win or how long the fight is going to last. However, punters who are used to betting on team sports like Soccer will need to get used to placing a wager on boxing and learn how to strategize.

If you are keen on making money from boxing wagering, there are various casinos and sportsbooks that offer an extensive and competitive betting market. One of the top sites we recommend for punters who fancy the boxing, is This website offers various sports betting, casino games and attractive bonuses such as the lvbet casino bonus koodi 2019. To guide you on your boxing betting career, below are the essential aspects, including planning, money line bets, round betting, win betting system, parlay betting, and other boxing-only special bets.

Boxing Scheduling Stands Apart

Most major pro sports leagues like the NBA, NFL, NHL, and MLB, have a set schedule, boxing doesn’t. Famous fighters agree to one-on-one matches, usually a few months in advance, but there are always fights to bet on. Sportsbooks ensure this because they want you to continue placing wagers. Even if marquee names are involved, they will go so far as to post odds on rumoured fights. You might have betted on Conor McGregor vs. Floyd Mayweather, for example, long before the fighters ever put pen on paper and formalized their agreement. If you bet on a reported contest, you will earn your stake back if the fight does not take place within a certain period (which the sportsbook will specify). The same goes for the official boxing matches, but for one reason or another they don't end up happening. For instance, if one of the fighters gets injured, all bets are void on that game and wagers are returned to the bettor. Below, in our guide to the basics of betting on the MMA, we go into a little more detail on many of the topics.

Reading Boxing Odds and the Moneyline

Unlike other sports, any single boxing match available can be put with a typical bet. All you have to do is choose who you think will win (or, uniquely for boxing, choose a draw). A typical example is the "American" odds that are largely what you will find on American sportsbooks. However, many international sportsbooks use the format of decimal or fractional odds.

With American odds, the favourite will be attached to a negative number of three or four digits while the underdog will be attached to a positive number of three or four digits (just look for the-" "sign for the favourite and the"+ "sign for the underdog). It's important to note, you could gamble smaller and larger sums of dollars and get paid at the same rate but the regular moneyline odds are offered in terms of $100 wagers.

Round Betting: Over / Under (O / U)

Boxing is not the only way to bet on boxing to choose which boxer you think will win. Nearly every sportsbook provides bets that are wagers on how long a loss is going to last. Remember that in conventional sports betting on the over / under of boxing is very different from betting on averages. Except for betting on individual fighters, you bet on whether or not a fight will go past a certain round, the odds for over / under betting work exactly as they do on the moneyline. Most of the boxing matches that you can bet on consist of 12 rounds of three minutes.

However, some sportsbooks view these types of bets differently: if the battle ends any time before the 11th round, the under wins; if the battle lasts 11 rounds (or longer), the over wins; and if the battle ends in the 11th round, the bet is a "throw." Make sure to understand how the sportsbooks deal with over / under round betting before wagering. It is important to scrutinize the sportsbook's terms and conditions. The profit potential of over / under betting can be much more rewarding than the regular moneyline wager if you do a little homework on the fighters. If a fight tends to be tight or has odds that are too skewed to make traditional bets profitable, it is a good time to look at over / under betting on rounds.

Boxing's Victory Betting System Version

Another way to gain potential value is by betting on victory system, particularly for matches that are supposed to be one-sided. You have to select how a fighter will win with the betting process of victory, the options being:

Parlay Betting

Parlay betting helps you to bet on two or more games using a single ticket. The only difference between a parlay bet and a straight moneyline bet is that all the boxers you have selected have to win to cash your wager. If you're thinking about three matches and not even one game goes as planned, you're wasting all the money you're putting on the track. Parlays betting are huge risks, but equally lucrative due to high payouts when they win.

Other Special Bets in Boxing

The main ways people wager on boxing are the moneyline, over/under rounds, and method of victory. But other speciality props, particularly for marquee games, are often available. You may be able to wager on one or all of the following, for example:

• Is there going to be a knockdown in the fight?

• Was Fighter A going to beat Fighter B by several points? (This is betting against spread effectively)

• Will Fighter A subtract any points? (This was available in the fight between McGregor and Mayweather when many people thought McGregor was going to wind up using some illegal UFC movements in the ring!)

It can be a lot of fun to wager on fighting sports. Like any sport, however, it is important to carefully choose your bets; do your homework and pick the best fights for you.

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