Boxing Betting Strategies: Three Things You Need to Know

There may be only two fighters in a boxing match, but you have many betting options available besides wagering on which boxer will win. By understanding the various options and variables to base your betting strategies on, you can potentially get the best returns on your wager. The more knowledge you have of individual fighter performance and statistics, the more you will be able to make informed choices with your betting strategies. Here are three things you need to know before you start placing your bets.

How to Bet with the Moneyline Strategy

This betting strategy is easy to understand. You bet on who will be the outright winner of the fight. In any boxing match, there are only three outcomes as to who can win. One boxer or the other boxer can win the contest, or the bout can result in a draw. The Moneyline strategy involves wagering on which of those three options will occur. It sounds simple, and it is. But the easier it is to pick the winner of the fight, the less return you will receive on your money. If you bet on a fighter who is unlikely to win and therefore has low odds, you are more likely to receive a bigger payout.

When looking at betting odds with bookmakers, you will see a number next to each boxer. If the number is negative, it means the fighter is the favorite to win, whereas if it is positive, the boxer is considered to be the underdog. If both boxers have negative numbers next to their names, the fight is evenly matched. You can make bets simply and quickly at a variety of online bookmakers and betting sites.

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How to Bet with the Over/Under Betting Strategy

This type of betting strategy has a lot more options than the Moneyline strategy, so it can potentially be more profitable. With over/under betting, you make a wager on the number of rounds a match will last. The bookmaker will set several rounds so you can bet on whether the fight will end before or after the round indicated. You can also bet on the exact round you think the fight will end on and which boxer will emerge as the winner. So, if you believe Tyson Fury will win a match early on, or you predict he will win, but the fight will go the entire distance, this is the boxing betting strategy for you. From a wagering perspective, it does not matter who actually wins a fight. The important thing is guessing how long the fight will last.

How to Bet on Methods of Victory

The methods-of-victory strategy is more fun for true boxing enthusiasts because you will need to have knowledge of each boxer’s skills. For instance, you need to know what the chances are of the referee stopping the match before the final bell rings. With methods of victory, you place more specific bets. That means you can potentially gain a higher return. You are wagering on the methods a fighter will use to win a fight. So, you can choose from:

  • Knockout: This is when a boxer goes down and does not get back up by the time the ref has counted to ten.
  • Technical Knockout: This is when the referee, the boxer’s corner, or a ring doctor, determines a fighter is not fit to continue the match. The boxer’s opponent then wins the bout by technical knockout.
  • Decision: This is when boxers go the distance of completing all rounds without a knockout, technical knockout, or disqualification. When both boxers last the allotted number of rounds, the three judges award points on a ten-point system. The fighter with the most points from at least two judges wins.
  • Disqualified: A boxer can be disqualified for various reasons, such as ignoring the ref’s warnings of repeatedly hitting the opponent below the belt or behind the head

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