Secure Your Path to Becoming a System Engineer with Microsoft 70-761 Exam Using Exam Dumps

System engineers are a special breed of IT professionals as they don’t need extensive supervision to complete their work. They are part of highly skilled teams to make sure that the company’s systems are working properly. Apart from their professional experience, system engineers can leverage their skills through different exams and certifications.

The Microsoft 70-761 exam develops system engineers’ skills in using Transact-SQL query data. This test is the first step candidates should follow to obtain the MCSA SQL 2016 Database Development credential. Apart from this exam, test-takers should also sit for 70-762 exam to fully earn this badge. So, this article focuses on the details of 70-761 exam, offering you tips on how to increase your chances to pass it using exam dumps.

How Is Microsoft 70-761 Exam Structured?

The candidates who enroll in Exam Dumps test are interested in advancing their skills in querying Transact-SQL data. This exam contains three topics, testing the candidates’ knowledge and experience on:

● Creation and management of Transact-SQL SELECT queries;

● Deployment of advanced Transact-SQL queries and subqueries;

● Error handling and troubleshooting Transact-SQL program databases.

The enrolment fee for 70-761 is $165. In the main assessment, you’ll have to face 40-60 tasks of different types with 120 minutes to complete them. As this is the first step towards obtaining the MCSA credential in SQL 2016 Database Development, students should be prepared to take 70-762 test to fully achieve it.

Now, that you know the exam’s brief structure, it is time to shed light on the annual salary a system engineer can obtain. Also, we will focus on delivering you the actual information on how to obtain the passing score for 70-761 test from the first attempt.

How Much Does a Systems Engineer Earn in One Year?

Becoming a system engineer can be a dream job for many IT professionals. Before you jump into applying for this position on different companies’ websites, you should know how much you can earn as a system engineer. According to the benchmark, the average salary a professional in this position can get in one year is $79,756. However, the Boeing Company is considered the best one to apply for at the moment where the average yearly salary is $85k. What’s more, candidates who add the MCSA credential in SQL 2016 Database Development can ask for a higher annual salary. The mentions that the highest annual salary for this position can reach $122k visit

Learn How to Pass Microsoft 70-761 Exam with Microsoft Training Options

The first resource that candidates use when preparing for 70-761 exam is the vendor’s website. Microsoft offers different training options to help candidates improve their skills and increase their chances to obtain the passing score from the first attempt. They count on a skilled and experienced team of trainers who share their knowledge on the test topics.

The instructor-led training is one of the popular training options provided by Microsoft. Students can attend the course during 5 intensive days and gain knowledge on Transact-SQL topics. The first three days are designed to help students gain in-depth knowledge of SQL server environment. The last two days become more specific and focus strictly on the skills evaluated by 70-761 exam.

Transact-SQL online training is another type of exam prep available on the Microsoft website. It is suitable for those candidates who don’t have time to follow instructor-led training. During the course of 6 weeks, examinees will gain knowledge of Transact-SQL data queries and how to work with different concepts. The training’s code is DAT201x and the estimated effort necessary from candidates to practice is a maximum of 5 hours per week.

The bookExam Ref 70-761 Querying Data with Transact-SQL available on the Microsoft Press Store and community forums are also efficient training tools that candidates can use. While this book helps you develop your decision-making abilities, the community forums can be efficient in helping you share knowledge with other exam-takers and clarify certain topics during your discussions with them.

How Can ExamSnap Make the Difference in Your Exam Score?

While Microsoft resources can be efficient in helping you develop the necessary skills to do well in 70-761 exam, you can increase your chances to get the passing score from the first attempt using the resources from the This website is independent of Microsoft and focuses on collecting information from successful past candidates and creating useful exam dumps for the next generation of test-takers.

Once you enter the, you will discover two types of braindumps. You can choose to download free and regularly updated 70-761 exam dumps including questions with answers that were uploaded to the platform by recent exam-takers. Also, the Premium Bundle for 70-761 assessment will help you secure a passing score in the main test. All you have to do is pay an affordable fee of $39.97 and you will receive access to this invaluable package. With it, you will download verified questions and answers by IT experts coming from successful exam-takers. Also, you will receive a training course and a comprehensive study guide that 100% sure to boost your chances of performing brilliantly in the assessment. To know more, all these dumps are available in the vce format. So, you will need the VCE Exam Simulator to open them. This application is very useful as it helps you create simulations for 70-761 and get used to the test environment.


The Microsoft 70-761 exam is the first step candidates should follow to achieve the MCSA accreditation in SQL 2016 Database Development. This exam upgrades the skills for future system engineers and helps them access higher paid jobs. As the test difficulty is high, you will need to study hard to obtain the passing score. The vendor’s official training resources are very useful for candidates to help them prepare for this test. Also, you can make use of the that gives you access to free and paid actual exam dumps to help you pass the exam from the first attempt.

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