Betting Sites That Offer Betting on Boxing

There is little doubt that in spite of people having different opinions and views about sports betting or online casino gambling, these two keep growing at a rapid pace. Each year, there could be scores of new gambling sites that could be opening up shops on the worldwide web. Gambling and sports betting including on boxing has certainly come a long way since the internet started making a big difference to it. Today a major part of betting is done online and so is the case with online casino gambling and other such things. It is quite obvious that gambling has come a long way ever since it moved to the online stage. The brick and mortar form of gambling is very much alive and kicking and this is because there are some obvious advantages and benefits associated with it. Those who are avid gamblers and bettors in a brick and mortar environment may not find it interesting in the online environment. However, many of them are also beginning to change because of the obvious advantages and benefits associated with online gambling. The proliferation of online betting sites has certainly led to the immense popularity.

Casino Games

People from 18-25 in particular are always in favor of online gambling as far as sports are concerned. This is because of some obvious takeaways that online gambling and gaming sites offer. The sheer number of casino games that are offered by online sites cannot be matched by the brick and mortar casinos. On an average, when you visit any reasonably good and decent online casino gambling site, you will be able to come across at least 150 to 200 casino games. They may not be different games in the true sense of the term. However, you can expect to have at least 10 to 15 variants of the various casino games. These include some of the finest variants of slots, crap, poker, and blackjack, and various other types of card games and of course many variants of wheel games, including roulette. Hence, there is no doubt that as a player, you will have your hands full with various types and variants of games to choose from.

Sports Betting

We will be spending a major part of this article talking about sports betting in general and boxing in particular. Millions of people across all ages irrespective of their genders spend hours betting on various games that are available in almost all major online betting and gambling sites. The online outlets offer a wide variety of games and there is no way the brick and mortar outlets would be able to match it.

The games are quite large in number and it may not be possible to list down each and every one of them. However, we will try and spend some time looking at some of the games that are betted upon in any good online betting site.

Football - There is hardly any doubt that football is one of the most popular games and there are many who would like to believe that it is arguably the most popular game across the globe. It is a game that is played across almost 150 odd countries and innumerable matches could be played on any given day. Hence, football offers that much more betting avenues and opportunities when compared to other sports. The online betting environment makes it possible to bet on a number of matches across the entire globe sitting in the comfort of one's home. In fact mobile sports online betting has become so developed that one can bet on any football matches across the globe even when they are on the move.

Tennis - Tennis also is a very popular sports across the world and there are also dozens of small, medium and big tournaments that are held every day across the globe. Therefore, it does offer betting enthusiasts a big avenue to bet on various matches. They can bet for the entire matches, the individual games and also the points within such games. The betting in some big tournaments and competitions like the grand slam and other such matches gives the bettors a big chance of winning some big money that perhaps is not possible in many other games.

Golf - Golf is also another heavily betted game across some countries of the world and many who bet in this sport are known to be golf players themselves. The reason for the growing popularity of golf betting is not very difficult of tough to understand. It is mostly because of the fact that it is a game that has wide representation and each day there could be many golf tournaments happening. Both women and men's golf are equally popular and there are also individual tournaments and team events. Hence, bettors who love this game have many options to choose from and this increases the chances of their winning quite significantly. Hence there is a growing demand for this sport.

Boxing - We will be spending quite a bit of time getting to know more about boxing. Boxing again is one of the most popular games in many countries of the world. It is famous in almost the entire continent of North America, South American and in many countries of Europe. Cuba is one of the most famous boxing nations where betting in boxes is quite popular. There are other countries such as Russia and a few other neighboring countries where also you will find thousands of crazy boxing fans. Hence, it is not surprising that there is a growing demand for boxing as an online sport in many countries of the world. Therefore, almost all major sites offer boxing as an option for sports fans.

However, the numbers of such online betting sites are quite a few and choosing the right one could be a tough and difficult task to say the least. Hence, there is a need to do the right research. Only then will it be possible to separate the grain from the chaff. Based on our research and information we are happy to list down a few of the best betting sites that focus quite a bit on football. Though there could be other sports also, we will be looking at those sites that have a number of things to offer for boxing enthusiasts and bettors.

Betway Sports

There is no denying the fact that Betway Sports has been around for many years now and is counted as one of the topmost betting sites in the world. It has stood the test of time and it is known to offer some of the best sports betting options for spots bettors. Boxing is also an important game in their arsenal and many players have very positive memories and experiences as far as this game is concerned. Whether it is Tyson Fury or some of the most fascinating encounters with the like of Joe Joyce and other such famous players, you can expect to have a wonderful experience when you decide to choose Betaway sports. The players will get full information about the various players and their entire career records with win, loses, knockouts and other such information.


We like this sports and casino gambling site because it does not take much of a time to get into the boxing betting sites. This is unlike many sites where the bettors may have to scroll vertically or horizontally in identifying the page that pertains to boxing. It also allows to place bet very easily using the bit slip and the bettors are allowed to place open bets or bet slip. This is a site that covers almost all major boxing matches across the world. Further it also gives full details about each and every participant and these details are available in the drill down mode. If you drill down on a particular player, you will be able to get full details about him and also her. Yes, this sites also talks about the various betting matches including women boxers. It also covers major sports events like Olympics, and also the various team evens and individual events in boxing

William Hill

Those who are into online betting would most certainly have heard the name William Hill. This is one of the most famous and popular betting sites in the United Kingdom. It has been around for many decades now and it is counted as one of the best gambling and gaming sites in the world. It offers the best of betting facilities, options and avenues for those who love betting on boxing. Sports enthusiasts in general and boxing fans, from UK and Europe visit this site for boxing betting across the world. It has a wide variety of boxing matches to offer covering heavyweight, super featherweight, lightweight and other sections.

The Final Word

The above are just a few of the well known sports betting sites that offer almost everything that you would like as a boxing enthusiast. You can bet on boxing matches across the entire world and also get useful tips based on which you can make an intelligent decision and increase your chances of winning.

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