Ex-Boxing Champion Gets Presidential Pardon

Former Heavyweight champion Jack Johnson has been pardoned by American President Donald Trump.

Johnson died in 1946 after he served several months in prison for baseless allegations.

It is rare for diseased people to get presidential pardons.

The pardon finally came after a number of unsuccessful attempts to have the Ex-Champ’s name cleared just like toponline casino games.

Despite number efforts by congress to have him pardoned, no president was willing to sign his pardon in the past.


In 1912, Johnson was arrested for breaking the law, authorities said he had violated the Mann Act.

His crime was travelling with his 19 year old white girlfriend across state lines for an immoral purpose.

The Mann Act was an anti-prostitution law. The conviction was seen as a punishment to Johnson because of his relationships with white women and because he married white women. His great-great niece, Linda Haywood has fought to clear his name for several years to no avail. She said this was because he was wrongfully accused and because of that some of his relatives were ashamed of him.

Johnson’s Life History

Johnson was born in 1878, in the city of Texas. Despite the fact that his parents were former slaves, Johnson overcame difficult situations and became a boxing champion. He inspired many generations along his journey to become one of the best boxing players in the history of boxing.

Jonson was the first black heavyweight champion and held on to it for years. Well, besides boxing you could also try real money online betting Australia slot games for entertainment as matches are currently suspended due to Coronavirus.

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