Why people prefer Online Slots over Blackjack

Casinos are jam packed full of games to play. The more games that are there, the more people will visit and the longer they will stay there, so it makes sense from a profit point of view on behalf of the casino (online or offline) and it makes sense when it comes to a fun point of view too; the more there is to see and do, the more enjoyable the experience will be.

Two of the most popular elements of any casino are the slots and the blackjack tables. The games do have some things in common. For example, they are fun to play, there is a buzz of excitement about them, and they’re easy to master. Yet it is often online slots at Slotzo that win out over their blackjack counterpart. Here are the reasons why.

Themed Games

Blackjack is simply that; blackjack. You can’t change it, it will always look the same and it will always be played in the same way. That’s fine, and many people do love the fact that, once the rules are learned, they can play the game no matter where they are or what casino they happen to be in. But it’s not for everyone, and for some players it can end up being really boring.

That’s not the case with slots, and this is one of the reasons why they are often held up as ‘better’ games than blackjack. With slots, you can have all kinds of themes ranging from books and movies to countries and music and everything in between. Pretty much anything you can imagine can be made into a slot – and probably has. Slots are therefore a lot more entertaining to many people.


Blackjack’s RTP (return to player) is around 94 percent, which sounds good. But when compared to the 97 percent average of slot games, even though technically it is only a small difference, it can make all the difference in terms of chances of winning. The slots offer much more chance of getting your money back, and for those who want to make the most of their time playing, this means they can re-invest more often – or they can walk away with most of their budget still in one piece.

Not only is it easier to win on slots than it is on blackjack, but the prizes tend to be bigger on slots too and they sometimes go into the millions. This is especially true if you look at the progressive slots that build up over time and payout randomly to one lucky winner whose life can change overnight. This is a tempting offer, even if the chances of being the winner are remote. It’s enough to tempt people away from blackjack and into the world of slots, that’s for sure.

New Technology

The way that slots and blackjack are played may not have changed in terms of the rules and so on, but the technology that has allowed us to play these games has definitely made advances. Although this is much more evident in slots than it is in blackjack which, if anything, is still played in exactly the same way as it ever was. Again, this is why some people prefer it, but the vast majority like slots better because as technology has evolved, so too has the fun of the game. What was good before is great now, and what was already great is greatly enhanced.

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