The Most Controversial Moments in Boxing History

Almost everything in the entertainment industry will have one controversy or another. This makes it even more fun and entertaining and attracts even a bigger following. Hence, you will find most people creating fake controversies to get relevance and increase popularity.

This article is going to be giving you some of the biggest controversies in the boxing industry. At least, you will have something to laugh about when you bump into the name in your best real money casino sites boing themed slot games.

Don King, the Most Controversial Promoter in Boxing

Promoters and managers of boxers are known to do a few unethical things to improve the popularity of their clients. After all, according to the entertainment industry, any form of publicity is good publicity.

But, Don King totally over did the whole popularity conquest. The promoter, who is believed to have murdered 2 people, was also using corrupt means to put his boxers on the map. The boxing promoter is accused of creating fake records and fixing fights to get his clients famous.

The Most Corrupt Boxing Match

In 1988, Roy Jones got the shock of his life when he got himself a clear win but was declared the loser. The Olympics match took place in South Korea and Jones was fighting against Korean boxing champion, Park Si-Hun.

Jones had beat his opponent by 86-32 punches. But, the judges were biased and decided to give the win to their local champion. One of the 2 judges who were suspended, admitted that they had given Si-Hun the win to make the locals happy. Later, Si-Hun apologised to Jones concerning the results, it seems like he was not happy and was shocked by the results too.

IBF, the Most Corrupt Boxing Regulatory Body

It is disappointing to find the regulatory bodies that are supposed to maintain order take part in corruption. After all, they are the ones that are supposed to be protecting the Boxers, did know you can play online casinos for real money at any casino of your choice and stand a chance to win big. The then CEO of the International Federation of Boxing, Robert Lee was sued and jailed for 22 months for accepting over US 350 000 in bribes from shady promoters like Don King.

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