Las Vegas Casinos: The mysterious blacklist of the gambling industry

Ever wondered what the mysterious blacklist of Las Vegas is? Here are a few things that might surprise you about the blacklist of Sin City. The blacklist also goes by the name of the Black Book of Vegas which is derived from the fact that the players inside it are blacklisted from entering a casino anywhere in the state, as well as other states. They have lost their privilege to 500 free spins on the game as well.

Why do players get blacklisted?

Casinos ban players who don’t play by the rules and the casinos need to do this to protect themselves. If casinos don’t blacklist players who break the rules, they risk putting their establishment in financial trouble as well as legal trouble because if casinos turn a blind eye to players who either break the rules or have gambling problems they could land themselves in legal battles or even be closed down. The same principle applies to online casinos where you can be banned for financial fraud and multi-accounting.

There are a lot of reasons why players end up getting themselves banned from casinos and blacklisted, but before you worry yourself too much, the main reason is if players are found to have links to criminal activity or organised crime such as gangs. All casinos have a duty to ban these players from gambling at their establishments and if they don’t there are serious legal consequences. There are over 30 people on the blacklist and the vast majority of these people were added because of their connection with the mob. On this list, there are notorious mob members that you certainly wouldn’t want to get on the wrong side of, including Marshall Caifano who was a member of the Chicago mob. Another infamous member of the blacklist was John Battaglia who was an LA mob member who was well known for his love of underworld gambling.

Card Counting

A common misconception by players is that card counting is illegal, however, you might be surprised to know that this isn’t the case! Although card counting is a controversial advanced gambling strategy, it is in fact legal. Card counting is when players count the cards that are being dealt so that they can then use this information to make a more informed betting decision. It’s not easy to do but it’s certainly not impossible, but can take a lot of practice and training in order to master it enough to be able to have your skills help you win while playing Blackjack. While it isn’t illegal, if you’re caught card counting in a casino, it’s likely you’ll be banned from the casino as this puts the casino at a significant disadvantage - so if you’re going to card count, that’s a known risk!

Celebs Blacklisted in Las Vegas

There are lots of famous celebrities that have been banned from casinos in Las Vegas, as well as casinos around the world for card counting, including Ben Affleck, Derren Brown, and Dana White. Paris Hilton is also banned from Paris Hotel & Casino Las Vegas but not for card counting - she has a known gambling problem and following a substantial loss on a game of Blackjack where she lost a Bentley worth over $175k, her father stepped in and had her blacklisted from the casino.

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