A Beginner’s Guide to Slingo - The Brother of Bingo

If you love bingo games as much as you love slots you’re simply going to adore Slingo! Arguably one of the best online casino games we’ve seen in a while. And luckily, Barbados Bingo is a UK site that is perfect for entertainment. It’s one of the most innovative new games which uniquely combines slots and bingo games for one fantastic gaming experience!

Released in the UK quite recently, Slingo was created in 2016, and it really is the brother of bingo. With Slingo bingo games and Slingo slots you can get the chance to play classic casino games with a whole new spin on them! Read on for a beginner’s guide to Slingo.

What is Slingo?

The overall concept of Slingo takes the most popular of bingo games, 75 ball bingo, with the other most popular online casino games - slots, and puts them together. This creates one of the most unique online casino games experience you can find, and it’s a surprisingly easy one to follow too.

Slingo is set with a 5x5 grid with a reel. It’s here where you can really see how the game of Slingo is a mash-up of both slots and bingo games. That’s because the reel comes directly from slots and the grid is a duplicate of the cards you find with bingo games.

How to Play Slingo

One of the best things about Slingo isn’t just that it’s super fun to play, but that as far as casino games go, it’s easy to play too. If you’ve played slots or bingo games before, even better, you’re already halfway to knowing Slingo well. Don’t worry if not though, Slingo is very easy to play.

Slingo starts when you spin the reel normally found with online slots. In general, you’ll get up to 20 spins. As you spin the reel, you’ll see numbers which you can check off your bingo games style card. And that’s it. It’s possible for all 20 spins to match all 20 numbers on your card, which is when you’ll get a gloriously huge cash prize.

How to Win with Slingo

You want to cross off as many of the 20 numbers on your sling card as you possibly can. If you’re looking for bingo games with nail biting intensity this is certainly the one for you! If you’re close to completing your bingo games style card but you run out of time, don’t worry as you can get extra spins.

If you’d rather not buy extra Slingo spins though, you can get free spins by gaming with multipliers. You can then use these to get more points, increasing your overall score and better your chance of cashing in a larger prize. Different online casino brands with Slingo offer this.

Final Thoughts on Slingo

Slingo offers a simple gameplay as far as casino games go, yet it has a super exciting gameplay, and it’s in this way Slingo is unique. In addition, the cool concept of combining slots with bingo games really gives it an edge. But don’t just take our word for it. Why not head to your favourite online casino brand and try Slingo out for yourself today?

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