The Biggest Boxing Heartbreaks Of All Time

Although you may not have picked real bets on the outcomes like online gamblers and those who play meilleur jeux casino (best casino games), there are some matches in boxing that will leave you with a broken heart. That is why today we want to take a look at some of the most upsetting boxing matches of all time. These are matches where viewers where rooting for one guy and somehow the tables mange to turn in a way that always left both the boxers and audience shocked.

Most Shocking Boxing Outcomes

Boxing is a most fascinating sport that is why we have so many casino online game that are made after it. And just online casino games there are some boxing outcomes that we are sure will have you second guessing some of the best boxers of all time.

Tyson Fury vs Wladimir Klitschko

After having the world heavyweight boxing title for over a decade Wladimir Klitschko lost it to rookie, for lack of a better word. The match that happened in November 2015, left Klitschko speechless as he left the ring without his belt. And just a year later he was stripped of this boxing licence over drug abuse and has never stepped into the ring since then.

Muhammad Ali vs Sonny Liston

Before he became the Muhammad Ali that many love, he was an underdog like all the other new boxers in the ring. However, regardless of that fact, he was still an Olympic gold medallist and that had to count for something. However, Sonny Liston must have belittled him a bit too much as he lost to Muhammad Ali twice in row.

Wilfredo Benitez vs Antonio Cervantes

At 17 years old, Wilfredo Benitez made boxing history. This was after he somehow managed to defeat Antonio Cervantes who was a boxing champ in 1976 when the match took place. As a result Benitez holds the record for being the youngest ever world champion. This then earned him a spot in the hall of fame, and Cervantes got a spot there as well.

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