Boxing prop bets explained

Betting on the Boxing sports can be profitable; except when there's an obvious winner. Bookies are smart: They'll align their odds (spread) with the probability of that fighter winning. In the ideal world, if two equally talented fighters were contesting, the probability of each winning would be a half. Each would have 2 odds in the money line market. Bookies don't want to bet against you and they'll therefore lower these odds to about 1.85 for each fighter. This margin is called the vig, the vigorish or the juice. Many boxing matches are of the underdog vs favorite type and have very low odds on the favorite winning. That's where prop bets come in. Instead of betting on who will win, players will predict how they will win, how many rounds the match will go for and such like markets that have lucrative odds. The Money line markets (12 and 1X2) are the most obvious ones but they often have unreasonable odds. These prop bets – from propositional – in boxing predict specific events.

The winner and exact rounds market

This is bookie dependent but in general, you'll be required to pick out a winner and predict in which round the game will end. Obviously, this is a "riskier" market and the odds reflect this. Wagers are made on the winner and the specific round they'll win. Both outcomes have to be correct for the bet to be won.

When a match doesn't end in a knock out, a technical knockout, a submission or an anticipated finish; judges may determine the result by voting with their scorecards. This is referred to as a decision. In this prop, you can bet that t”he winner will be by decision, regardless of the round.

The Over/Under rounds market

For simplicity, sportsbooks specify number of rounds with half rounds i.e. OV/UN 6.5. This eliminates all confusion as there's no such thing as a half round. In this market, your wagering on whether the match will go past a certain round, in this case, the sixth round. This market is outcome independent.

The clustered rounds market

This is similar to the OV/UN rounds market except that rounds are clustered instead of being capped at a certain number. Odds are clustered in groups such as 1 to 4, 4 to 8 and at times 8 to 12.

Odd/even rounds

You're betting on whether the fight will end in an even or odd-numbered round i.e 2,4,6… or 1,3,5… respectively.

Will the fight go the distance?

In boxing, going the distance, refers to a full bout where the match gets to the 12th round without either player getting knocked out. Judges award points to each fighter on each round and these are summed up. The player with the highest points wins. It may also end up in a tie. The 12 and the 1X2 money line markets differ in that the former doesn't account for a tie and the bet is nullified (settled at 1.0 odds) when it ends this way. In this market, you're wagering on whether the fight will go for the full twelve rounds and it's a Yes/No market.

The Winning methods market

Here, you're staking on who will win (player 1 or player 2) and how they'll do it (K.O / TKO or decision). Some bookies have a draw in this market too.

Other Minor boxing props

'Big' fights – fighters featuring popular boxers – may have additional prop markets like what minute they'll win, how many punches they'll take (or throw) or even whether they'll touch gloves. This is a kind way of saying may the best fighter win or Goodluck. Boxing markets vary by bookmarker. Please confirm with your bookmarker.

Can you bet on boxing props in a Casino?

No. Even though these phrases are used interchangeably, there are two types of bookmarkers: Sportsbooks (betting sites) and casinos. You can only wager on sports like boxing, football and basketball at a sportsbook. However, a few online bookies combine both. Online casinos like host those games that you'll find at a land-based casino. They have table games like poker and slots. Unless stated otherwise, they rely on random number generators (RNG) to determine scores. There are also live casinos where there's a live dealer in a private room that you can interact with via webcam. You'll be amazed at the massive variations of slots casinos have.

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