Top-5 Best Boxing Themed Online Casino Slots

The popularity of online casino slots is hard to dispute. Visit any online casino, and you will hardly miss a comprehensive selection of machine games. Even more importantly, themes that inspire the development of these games have continued to revolutionize the game. From sports, wars to treasure hunt, game developers such as RTG, Microgaming, and NetEnt have continuously sought new ways of making casino slots even more enthralling and immersive. If you are a boxing enthusiast, you will love playing boxing themed reels. Visit any online casino at, and you will hardly miss a comprehensive selection of machine games.

A notable difference is that contrary to real-world boxing events such as UFC fight nights, boxing-themed machine games combine two different yet popular entertainment worlds. You are introduced to a world of reels and given a chance to gain some boxing experience without punching anyone. With boxing themed slots, no one gets hurt. Moreover, many online casinos give gamblers a chance to win when playing cash machines without risking injury regardless of where you play. In the ZAR casino 2020 review you will find a great example of a casino website that features the best boxing themed slots.

An Overview of Boxing Theme in Online Gambling

Boxing has inspired gambling in many ways. You could say the link between boxing and gambling is hard to ignore. The same way you would find boxing matches hard to predict, gambling systems are hard to crack too. To play like a pro, you need years of experience, albeit, anyone can get lucky playing boxing themed slots.

To identify online coin machine games inspired by boxing, look for game symbols such as a boxing ring, boxing gloves, and belts on the reels. Some boxing themed machine games even feature images of famous boxers. Other game features such as scatter symbols, and the bonus wheel remain unchanged in most games. However, always note significant variations in the payline, RTP, the number of reels, and wagering amount in different boxing-themed online casino slots. The graphics that distinguish these games from the others in online casinos are notwithstanding unique.

Thus, if you want to experience boxing and slots’ powerful combination, the following are the best boxing-themed online casino reels.

Nacho Libre SlotNacho Libre is an online casino slot game that draws its theme from the boxing world. The game features excellent graphics with a wrestling ring in the background alongside other boxing-themed props. Nacho Libre is a 5-reel and 10-payline slot game. Upon launching the game on your favorite casino website, it becomes evident that iSoftBet paid attention to the players’ interest.

Nacho Libre presents players with a valuable prize but only after hitting five boxers on the reels. While the slot is not a progressive jackpot game, players can win a massive 5000 coins if they make the most of the scatter symbol. Other features of Nacho Libre are wild symbols, multiplier symbols, auto-play, and free spins. Nacho Libre was released on 9th February 2015, and it has an RTP of 95.67%.

Mike Tyson Knockout Slot

Mike Tyson is undoubtedly a boxing icon whose exploits in the ring have inspired not only boxers generations but also the games’ development history. If you have not played Mike Tyson Knockout, you should start by knowing the boxing-themed slot basics. Mike Tyson Knockout slot is now available in several online casinos.

Mike Tyson Knockout was released in 2017 by Inspired Gaming. The 5-reel and 20-payline game has other exciting features. An RTP of 94.7% means it is among the highest-paying online slots. Photos of the famous boxer are on the reels, giving gamblers a gaming experience like a real boxing champion. A blue boxing glove on the reel is the wild symbol. When playing with free spins, a mystery symbol helps you change the regular symbol. Other features of the game include an auto-play option, wild symbols, multipliers, and a bonus game.

Fisticuffs Slot

NetEnt enjoys a good reputation in game development, and the Fisticuffs slot is a testament to the company’s success. Released in 2013, the Fisticuffs slot is a wrestling-themed video slot. With a 96.70% RTP, 5-reels, and 10-paylines, every player has a chance of winning. Like most online slots you have played, the Fisticuffs slot has an auto-play option, wild symbols, and a bonus game to pump up your adrenaline. Other game features that make it an interesting casino slot are stellar game graphics, immersive animations, and appealing visuals.

A cheering crowd behind a crimson curtain and a boxing ring creates the much-need boxing atmosphere. Fisticuffs slot is among NetEnt Virtual Reality flagship games. Because of its sound effects and exceptional graphics, you would not even realize that the Fisticuffs slot lacks free spins and scatter symbols.

Pudzianator Slot

Pudzianator is a boxing-themed slot game developed by Promatic Games and immortalizes MMA boxing great, Mariusz Pudzianowski. The 27-payline and 5-reel slot game has an exciting payout that is x2700 your wagering amount. With up to 405 free spins, the Pudzianator slot is not your everyday casino game. A maximum win of $1000 and an RTP of 96.12% places Pudzianator among the highest-paying boxing-themed online casino slots. Moreover, the game has an auto-play function and up to 100 uninterrupted free spins. Visuals and graphics of Pudzianator are notwithstanding impressive. A cheering crowd, boxing ring, and a belt-like spin button create a real boxing mood. Pudzianator was released on 10th October 2019. It has many features such as a bonus game, a scatter symbol, and a wild symbol to spice up your experience on the reels.

Hulkamania Slot

Any boxing enthusiast knows Hulk Hogan, a boxing star and world champion that ruled the ring. Hulkamania is a boxing-themed slot game developed to immortalize the boxing great. Developed by Endemol games and released in 2012, a wild symbol featuring a photo of Hulk holding guns is the most prominent visual. Hulkamania video slot has 20 paylines and five reels. The developer of Hulkamania gives it an RTP of 94.03%. Hulkamania’s popular features include a bonus game, free spins, wild symbols, free spins, and scatter symbols.


Boxing themed online casino slots are reminiscent of boxing as a sport and gambling as a pastime activity. Note that each of the above games presents punters with a chance to claim exciting bonuses and win the ultimate prize. Many games meet the interest of punters who want to play reels inspired by boxing. Always pay attention to the features that make boxing themed slots interesting and rewarding.

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