Top Boxers Who Should Start Using GamStop Right Now

Gambling has become one of the most popular industries in the United Kingdom and globally in our millennial generation, enticing both the rich and the poor. Perhaps the center of attraction for most players has been the often excellent results and prizes from modern casino games.

Through playing a simple slot game, it is in our 21st century that a gambler will earn millions in a progressive jackpot. While many gambling enthusiasts stake their money on various sports and games, including boxing, some boxers have been recorded to have disturbing gambling habits and could use some restrictions. According to that features sites not with GamStop, all problem gamblers should sign up at this self-exclusion scheme immediately.

This article will shine the spotlight on some of the top boxers that should start using GamStop right now.

#1 Mike Tyson

While he never gave the exact figure of how much he lost in gambling, the fact is that in wild bets, and, of course, on women, Mike Tyson lost some good money. One of the most prominent and aggressive heavyweight boxers, Mike Tyson, is popular in his speciality and in the area of gambling.

Gambling and casino games are the bulk of Tyson's immense earnings—his immense career pays off a whopping 300 million US dollars funded much of his gambling escapades. Unfortunately, in casinos, he has lost a good proportion of it and still doesn’t know how to prevent this addiction on sports bets.

#2 Floyd Mayweather

On YouTube and Instagram, you must have seen his unashamed shows of his comfortable and glamorous lifestyle, continuously posed with wads of cash or displaying his vast fleet of cars. He is also known for his intense passion for betting and gambling and being a generational great known throughout the world.

His incredible passion for casino games nearly made him put his entire $400,000 wager at one time. He is also famous for placing bets on a variety of sports games, particularly basketball, as well as his own boxing game, placing around US$ 25,000 and US$ 400,000 each bet.

He has made a lot of losses but has made gains as well. He hasn't yet revealed how much money he's lost from gambling, but there are reports, of course, that he's lost an average of over 50 million US dollars.

Nevertheless, when he made a 350,000 US dollars bet, he also won some, including one massive win of 827, 272.73 US dollars. In fact, on a college football bet, he won 3 million US dollars. He doesn't do anything halfway! Either he's winning big or losing big!

#3 Manny Pacquiao

Filipino legend Manny Pacquiao is an enthusiastic gambling fan as well.

You'll be shocked to know that Manny, who claims to be a good Christian, particularly in sports betting, was also a major gambler. He opened up publicly about his fame getting to his head and excessively womanizing, gambling and drinking.

This amazingly motivating boxer has invested hundreds of thousands of dollars on gambling trips to the popular Las Vegas casinos.

To explore his betting skills, he has also gone to Macau and Australian poker tables. He has severely spent 50,000 US dollars in cockfighting. The most overwhelming one, though, was when he made a $360,000 bet on cockfighting in the Philippines.

But does he continue to waste his money carelessly these days? aNo, he claims to have been tamed and sobered up with the love of his wife and family.

#4 Ted Cheeseman

This famous Bermondsey boxer, who recently announced that he had lost nearly a million, is to kickstart our journey! While he did not put an exact figure on it, the fan of Millwall FC said he was "wagering stupid money-hundreds of thousands, if not a million."

This young British welterweight king, who is only 23 years old, was a favourite and a major draw for Sky Sports. He said that he was a heavy gambler over the past six years simply because during that time he had made a lot of money very quickly and spending £5k a night became common for him.

His wife knew what he was doing, even though 'The Big Cheese' tried to keep it a secret. When he was about 18 years of age, the gambling began when he began spending time with a bunch of older people who were still getting big cash. But when he started making good cash too, their lifestyle swept him up.

Ted Cheeseman says that at the end of his career if he continued down the same path as a gambling addict, he would end up bad. He got help after admitting it to his mentor, Tony Sims, after the Garcia reverse, and since then, he has stayed away from gambling.

The worst experience of losing is one thing he remembers, while a positive feeling arises when you win. Additionally, you feel amazing when you go on a revenge mission to regain your cash.

Ted says that after conquering the addiction, there are moments of guilt for what he missed and the desire to go back that comes, but he was able to conquer all and develop a conscious mind.

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