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Canadian Football League (CFL) is Canada’s alternative to the NFL where the teams are fighting for the Grey Cup. Betting options for the CFL are represented by head-to-head, points spread, over/under, and player prop markets. The most popular betting option is betting the final winner of the Grey Cup. Considering the small number of teams involved in the league (just 9), your chances of making a profit become pretty high.

General Knowledge about Canadian Football

The Canadian Football League is known as a professional sports league in Canada. The sport is based on gridiron with several amendments to the common rules to adjust the game to the local audience. Currently, there are nine different teams in the competition, each of which represents a particular city. The teams are split into two divisions (East and West), with four teams representing the East and five to the West. The major events of the League take place in November, which pits the best Eastern Division team against the best team from the West.

Popular CFL Betting Options

Similar to the NFL, CFL is a popular subject to betting. Bookmakers provide the football fans with the popular market options with attractive winnings. At, you can find the broker with the best offering. Most of them have a relatively similar spectrum of betting options:

  • Head-to-head bets, where punters should choose the winner of the game outright, remains a popular option among CFL bettors. Usually, the spread in the range of 3.5-8.5 means that punters need to select either a team to win by a particular margin or lose but by a particular amount of points.
  • Over/Under betting is the popular betting option that is widely chosen by wagers due to its simplicity. This option is based on the weather, especially in the CFL. The totals can swing depending on how much snow is in the area so that punters have to make the right decision. Whether there will be more or fewer points scored than the general estimation, this is for you to decide for the final bet.

Of course, there are only some of the most popular options available on the market. There are still many other exotic markets that are provided in the NFL, but they have not been borrowed by the CFL. Nevertheless, brokers don’t first touchdown scorer bets. Canadian Football is constantly changing. So, be sure to see some new transformations in the nearest future.

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