How Boxing Can Affect Your Relationships?

Boxing and relationships have more in common than you think - but does boxing (or other martial arts) help or hinder the development of romantic relationships?

Do Boxing and Relationships Have a Lot in Common?

Boxing and relationships are the last two things you would expect to have much in common - however, there are many similarities between the sport and our relationships. Whilst violence and relationships should never cross paths, the most important parts of boxing are also some of the most important things in a successful relationship.


In boxing, one of the first things you learn is the importance of respect. To gain respect for yourself as a boxer, you will need to learn to respect the sport itself, the rules and your opponent - much like in a romantic relationship.

Respect, like in boxing, is one of the most important parts of a relationship - and without it, most relationships will quickly fizzle out. Respect comes from how you speak to your partner, how you react to their opinions or views, whether you maintain their trust and without a good level of mutual respect in any relationship, it’s destined for disaster.

Respect, much like trust, is something that once it’s lost cannot easily be repaired. In both boxing and relationships, respect can take time to build and only minutes to shatter - sometimes forever - destroying relationships and careers.

A Good Match

Some of the world’s greatest boxers haven’t ever fought each other - because a bad match makes a bad fight. The same is true with relationships - even if you like the look of a girl, or you like something about her - if it isn’t a good match, in the beginning, it won’t work out in the end.

Finding a good match is about finding an equal, someone who brings out the best in you and someone you can bounce off. As they say, looks fade, so it’s the personality you need to fall in love with - whether it’s common interests or common goals, make sure you find a match if you want it to work out.

Constant Hard Work

Even if you and your partner are a perfect match, if you let the eye off the ball for too long, things can slip - just like in boxing. Both boxers and boyfriends need to remain committed, put the effort in and dedicate large amounts of time to making things work.

Even seemingly easy relationships become more difficult after the initial honeymoon period. Just like with boxing - you don’t stop working after your first win; you work harder to make more of them. Relationships are similar; when you become official, you have your first win - but you have to keep working to remain happy together.

How can a Boxing Career Negatively Affect Romantic Relationships?

Boxing takes an extremely high level of commitment to forge a successful career - especially if you’re semi/professional. But as the greats like Conor McGregor have proved, a successful boxing career doesn’t have to affect your romantic relationships.

Famously Conor McGregor and his Fiancé Dee Devlin have been in a relationship well over a decade - long before McGregor’s UFC debut in 2013 - and the happy couple has two young children and is currently planning their wedding. But is it the same for every boxer looking for love?

Unfortunately, a career in boxing takes a lot of time and commitment - often more than a “regular” career. You will have to travel a lot, spend hours in the gym usually every day, commit to diets that often make eating out difficult and some trainers even ban or limit sexual relations before fights - all things that can significantly and negatively impact a romantic relationship.

That said - the “right match” and the perfect person for you, will support you on your mission to succeed in your career and be behind you every step of the way. And even if you are not in a relationship, but only looking for your mate on naughty dating site, professional boxing can significantly affect your love relationship.

How to Balance Boxing and Romantic Involvement?

The right partner for you will understand that your career and dreams take more effort than most and they will support you through that - but that doesn’t mean it won’t get hard and your partner won’t struggle.

If you’re already in a relationship or looking to find a new partner online, there are a few things you can try to keep the balance. Whilst you’re never “not training” like other sports boxing has “seasons” and during your off-seasons;

Go for dinner more often

Take the holiday you couldn’t in the summer

Fit your gym schedule around her, so you have more free time together

For bonus points: do all those things you promised in the house! Despite what they look like on paper, boxing and relationships are better matched than you might think.

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