Gervonta Davis has definitely improved his weight management

Earlier this month, INSIDER, reported the knockout win of Gervonta ‘Tank’ Davis against an equally heavy hitting opponent, Leo Santa Cruz. In his professional boxing career so far, Davis has a record of 23 wins unbeaten with 23 of these being knockouts. It would not require a soothsayer to say that he is heading towards superstardom status, however, this may be subject to his ability to maintain his current form and finally put his weight troubles behind him, permanently.

The world has watched as he struggled to keep his weight below the lightweight boxing division regulations, mostly because he tends to go off proper dieting and skip the gym altogether when he is out of the ring for a long period of time. For him, as a pro athlete and for regular people alike, staying in shape is a massive diet game and having access to the right meals is so important. This often requires the need to eat clean and the common factor of frustration is that eating healthy can be boring and expensive. This doesn’t have to be the case when shopping is done at stores that stock a wide range of healthy food and have specials like those available at the Publix Black Friday weekly ads.

Unlike with us regular non-professional athletic people, there is plenty of room for flexibility in adjusting our body goals to the circumstances we find ourselves in. For professional athletes however, their diet choices are intimately tied to how far they are able to push themselves when it comes to training and how well they are able to perform when the big event comes.

Concerns as voiced by Davis in the past that he just couldn’t train how he normally would with all that weight that he had gained, further demonstrating how paramount it is for athletes to always be on their A game. It is at times the difference between the evidence of a long and successful career versus signalling that an athlete’s career would be marred by various health considerations associated with their weight often ushering in problems that may likely cut their careers short.

Weight considerations as it applies to pro athletes is no small feat as they have to constantly be watchful that they are neither overweight nor underweight, and they also need to be mindful of the way they lose the weight, not too quickly or in unnatural ways that might jeopardize their abilities.

Davis hopefully has a long career ahead of him as he appears to be making the right decisions now which is evident in his decision to enlist the help of his mentor Floyd Mayweather, moving his training out to Mayweather’s gym in Las Vegas and putting his weight issues in the hands of professionals. Although Davis has been fortunate to remain undefeated until now, there’s an obvious difference in his win against Santa Cruz compared to his previous matches against the likes of Gerrard Matthews or Yuriorkis Gamboa where his weight fluctuated a lot.

These matches saw him defeating his opponents but much later into the late rounds of the game where we watch him move slower and throw less hard-hitting punches than he normally would at 130 pounds. Now that there has been an improvement, and he is arguably in the best shape of his life and determined to follow through on his commitment to do better, we will be rooting for him.

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