UK’s Next Boxing Superstars Will Be Put At Risk From Potential Gym Closures And Bankruptcy

Due to the pandemic crisis that has circulated our life and news screens this past year, many businesses are struggling to surpass this phase and remain open. In particular the gyms and homes of future boxing stars of the next generations. There is no doubt about it,

Boxing betting has been an industry that has risen to fame from the stars like Anthony Joshua, Tyson Fury, etc. however they too have all started their careers in a small home business gym in their area. However now, it looks like there will not be many of those available around the region, for budding fitness stars to make use of, in aid of their talent. For children and teenagers to be able to make it, donors and sponsors need to be willing to invest in a lot more than just the stars, but the facilities they need to use too, to train up.

The amateur training gym system is how Tyson became who he is today, but it is those facilities directly that have been predicted or are suffering greatly financially. The question is of course, can donations save potential stars of the boxing industry and will youths wait around for those donations, or just move on to okay careers elsewhere?

Usually kid stars will rise to fame and attention from the participation of small shows in their local clubs, so the closure of these could really damage their brand identity and future careers. The money is made from the shows and due to all the restrictions in place these cannot happen, which is really a strain on the funds of the clubs and the athletes themselves, as they should be making a cut too from ticket sales.

This economic slump from COVID, has made potential athletes swerve off into other directions, especially since it has been estimated that for the next five years, the sport cannot actually happen in the traditional swing of things. With money as tight as it is, investors may need to direct their funds elsewhere for funding and businesses purposes. Everyone is seemingly needed to tighten up their purse strings, that's for sure.

This vicious cycle of gyms closing, will also affect the coaches and gym staff too. With no athletes to train, where do they get their income from too? They will also probably be faced with redundancies and a very dry upcoming of seasons in the training departments.

Traditional boxing trainer Mickey Cunningham runs a facility of his own called MBox. He has sworn that this facility is the reason for kids staying off the streets and directing their energies towards personal improvement and fitness. If facilities like these disappear, he predicts that general crime and antisocial behaviour will rise for the surrounding boroughs of the low-income areas. It is very much prevalent to happen and one that has been witnessed previously in history.

An example of this long-term effect from gym closures, recently happened during the burning of the Grenfell tower. Dale Youth gym sadly had to close down due to the damages caused by the burning of the tower. Of course, many of the youths who have religiously participated within activities there, have been displaced and have resorted to street crime and antisocial groups. One can only imagine the consequences and effects on the youths if a majority of gyms close down. It will be more than a difficult time for families and the community as a whole.

The gyms provide safe havens for youths, if the amateur gyms cannot be supported by the government and private benefactors, it will be a very sad time for the working-class communities of the nation.

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