Most legendary boxing moments in recent history

Boxing is one of those sports where anything can happen, quite literally. These guys are all rather pumped up and full of adrenaline when fighting in the ring, and that’s why intense situations can arise at any moment. Of course, these situations can also cause havoc in the Canadian sports betting markets, but then again - that’s what punters love to seek out! With all of this in mind, we’d like to take a look back at some legendary moments that have arisen in recent times in boxing.

Some of the situations discussed have been closely associated with fighting, and some have been a verbal war between two guys. Regardless, we’ve handpicked some of the most entertaining and most shocking moments in boxing of late, and we hope you enjoy them!

Fury coming off the canvas vs Wilder

Fury is a pretty interesting character. He certainly doesn’t mince his words, and his behavior has been rather erratic at the best of times. But there is no denying the heart of this man, and this was on display for the entire world to see with his fight against Wilder. As you might recall, in their first bout Wilder managed to knock Fury down late in the fight, and it looked like the lights were out for Tyson Fury. Yet in true gladiator fashion, he rose from the ashes and continued to go at Wilder for the remainder of the fight.

Fury actually credits this moment to his ability to bounce back from crippling depression, and as he states - compared with that, it was easy to get up and keep going with Wilder. The main reason it was so entertaining is that Wilder has a reputation for having one of the deadliest right hooks in boxing, and when that hit Fury, we all thought it was game over.

Mayweather run-in with announcer

Floyd Mayweather has always stood up for himself, yet this attitude has often resulted in a fair few people being not too fond of the great champion. One of the men that perfectly fits this description is Larry Merchant, the HBO announcer that regularly interviewed fighters after their events on live TV. Famously, back in 2011, Mayweather had won his fight and there proceeded to speak with Merchant inside the ring.

But rather than have a respectable interview about what had just taken place, Merchant proceeded to ask Mayweather a bunch of rather antagonizing questions. Although Mayweather did his best to stay on track and answer the questions professionally, he ultimately snapped and started yelling in Merchant’s face. Mayweather actually shouted to Merchant that HBO needed to fire him and that he didn’t actually know anything about boxing. This made for one of the most entertaining post-fight interviews in recent history, and we could watch it over and over again!

And if you fancy a bit more Mayweather drama during interviews, we cannot recommend highly enough his interviews with Brian Kenny from ESPN. Trust us - you won’t be disappointed.

Closing Comments

While these are some of our favorite moments of late, we are sure that there are some that you feel should’ve made the list. Of course, there could be an endless supply of honorable mentions here, but the situations described are sure to provide plenty of entertainment when you go back and watch them again!

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