How to do Due Diligence for WBA Betting

A sport as old and popularly-celebrated as boxing is rare to come by. It is the most high-profile combat sport that has earned itself increasing popularity among millions of fans across the globe. Professional boxers are often members of at least an international association, and the World Boxing Association is one of them. As one of the four major organizations that sanction professional boxing bouts, WBA awards, at the professional level, its world championship title.

Boxers compete in weight classes or divisions, including Heavyweight, Flyweight, Minimumweight, Welterweight, Lightweight, fans and punters have enough opportunities to wager their bets on major fights, especially. Apart from boxing fans, a significant portion of staunch soccer, rugby, and NFL sports bettors also wager on boxing. You can leverage the resources. provided by to find out the approved boxing betting sites with the best odds in the United States.

Sometimes, some top betting companies intentionally give away free bets to get the better of their competition. However, only those who are in the loop of things can take advantage of such free bets. To increase your chances of winning big in WBA betting, due diligence has to be done. Due diligence involves a thorough investigation that deals with choosing your bookmaker wisely, identifying the site’s best practices available to punters, as well as finding the best WBA betting odds, tips, and predictions.

The piece of information provided here is a result of thorough research to help you go ahead with safe bets.

Popular boxing betting markets

Unlike other sports, boxing only offers a limited number of betting markets. The most popular ones include outright winner, total rounds, winning methods, winning group of rounds, and round betting.

Outright winner involves picking the fighter that will defeat the other and taking the available odds. This bet works best if you have 100% certainty that the fighter you back will win.

In total rounds, you wager the fight bout will last either less or more than the set 9.5 rounds out of a 12-round title bout. You are simply forecasting that the fight will only last the maximum of nine rounds (-9.5) or more than nine rounds (+9.5).

Winning methods entail backing a fighter to win by specific means, such as by Decision or by a combination of KO, TKO, or DQ. Some bookies often provide odds for either fighter to win through the methods.

Winning group of rounds involve backing a fighter to win within certain three rounds – usually rounds 1-3, 4-6, 7-9, or 10-12. If a fighter is reputable for finishing off their opponents within the first three rounds, wagering on them to win rounds 1-3 would be a wise decision.

Round betting involves backing a fighter to win in a specific round. This form of betting is the most difficult though it also provides the best odds.

Things to consider before choosing a boxing betting site

Boxing is an enthralling sport on its own. However, it becomes more fun and intense when you have some money invested in the outcome. As bettors, the following things should be considered before selecting your choice of a betting site.

Events they offer

Betting on boxing is not limited by season. This means that bettors can wager on a variety of divisions all year-round. However, you have to ensure that your choice of bookie affords you the opportunity to wager on your preferred weight divisions. Otherwise, you might be limited to only a few top matches. A lot of money can be won in all different weight classes, including amateur institutions and college matches.

Betting markets offered

Even with its limited options, boxing still maintains a good selection of betting markets (as already discussed). Bettors are then to capitalize on their experience or knowledge of the sport to make wagers on events in their preferred matches.

Make comparisons among sites

The wide range of boxing betting sites affords bettors the opportunity to make comparisons in terms of odds, prices, accumulators, bonuses, and cash out. Solid boxing betting odds are essential to the winnings rate. Though it is impossible for your chosen sportsbook to provide the very best available odds for all markets all the time, it is in your best interest to select the sportsbook that provides the greatest odds for an upcoming fight.

In terms of pricing, some betting sites will value the favorite at a high while the underdog will receive an aggressive price. Also, most of the sites do not allow you to back multiple wins and outcomes to avoid bigger odds with a huge return.

In terms of bonuses, you should be able to benefit from the fierce competition that exists between bookies. However, make sure you confirm the legitimacy of casinos that provide ridiculous bonuses. For lovers of in-play betting, you may wish to cash out as the match’s momentum shifts. Thus, you have to select a site that gives flexible cash out option.

Note: If you have limited knowledge of the sport, you may seek the help of an expert tipster.

Other helpful tips for boxing bettors

Ring size

Small rings tend to favor big punchers and large rings tend to favor slick boxers.

Physical size and strength of boxers

Size and strength usually come with their advantages. Definitely, it is expected that a taller and weightier boxer will beat off a smaller boxer unless the smaller man has more superior skills. This is one of the reasons why Welterweights Mark Breland, Thomas Hearns, and Paul Williams enjoyed huge physical advantages to become world champions when compared with other pounders will lesser physical size and strength.

Fighter’s level of focus

Sometimes, some fighters usually attribute their loss to distraction occasioned by personal issues, lack of motivation, or even a poor training camp. It is important to be sure of a fighter’s level of focus before wagering on them.

Key takeaway

Betting is fun and it becomes more interesting when you are able to get some winnings. Notwithstanding, your betting experience and chances of winning are improved if you do due diligence. For each bet you are about to place, it is important to put great effort into the preparation stage. You wouldn’t want to throw darts at balloons.

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