Boxing Gambling: Most Common Types of Bets

Betting on boxing fights is a growing trend in the gambling industry. It can actually be quite profitable as long as you know what you are doing. The variety of bets available is impressive. Whether to stick to the basics, like money line bets, or go with the most valuable options, like the method of victory bets, depends on the bettor’s experience and affinity for risk-taking. Here is a list of the most common types of bets in boxing gambling with brief explanations of each of them.

The Rise of Sports Betting

Sports betting has become more popular in recent years, largely thanks to its legalization slowly happening worldwide. Even the U.S., a traditionally very conservative country in terms of betting laws, has now fully legalized sports betting in about half of the states.

Also, there is an evident increase in global interest in gambling in general. This is happening not only thanks to legalization but also because of the development of new secure payment options available to gamblers, including cryptocurrency. Sports betting is not an exception, which explains the steep projected growth.

To Win Bets / Money Line Bets

This is probably the type of bet that comes to everyone's mind first. In a nutshell, to win bets imply that the bettor puts money on one of the opponents in the fight and wins if the one they bet on is the winner.

Obviously, the odds of winning with money line bets are quite high as long as the bettor knows a thing or two about boxing and follows the fighters' performance history. Sadly, you are unlikely to win much with this type of bet (unless you know something others do not and manage to predict the victory of the underdog).

Round Betting

Round betting is a type of fight timing bets. You win if you guess how many rounds there will be in the fight; who wins and who loses does not matter. Sounds promising, right? Except there are up to twelve rounds in the fight, so the odds are not as high as one would wish. You will have to use statistics to your advantage, which means loads of research.

Round Group Betting

Round group betting is a lighter version of round betting. The rounds are grouped into two to four groups (for example, rounds one through three - group one; four through six - group two; seven through nine - group three; ten through twelve - group four). So, the odds go up from round betting's 1:12 to 1:4, 1:3, or even 1:2, depending on the number of groups. This is a good choice of a bet for beginners.

Over or Under Round Bets

Another variation of fight timing bets, over or under bets, implies that the bettor puts the money on whether the fight ends before or after a certain round.

There are two strategies with this one. If you bet on one of the 'safer' rounds (those in the middle), your chances at winning grow, but the prize tends to be lower. In turn, risk-takers (who bet on rounds close to the beginning or end) are less likely to win, but the prizes can be quite high. Obviously, everything depends on the specific bookie you choose.

The Method of Victory Bets

The name is pretty self-explanatory. With bets on the method of victory, the bettor has to predict how the winner of the fight is going to win. This is a well-liked type of bets among regular bettors because of its high value; looking for the most valuable bets is always a winning strategy.

However, there is an abundance of options, from knockout to draw to disqualification. So, the chances of winning are only good for experienced and knowledgeable boxing fans. Luckily, genuine interest and dedication can turn everyone into a pro.

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