How Floyd Mayweather Spends His Money (Casinos, Cars, Watches)

Floyd Mayweather is one of the most successful and controversial fighters of all time, with an estimated net worth of 450 million dollars. Floyd himself disputes this figure – and claims he’s, in fact, worth over 1 billion dollars. Whatever the exact figure, there can be no disputing that Floyd is beyond rich (check out his Instagram page if you ever need reminding).

Like many other big names in the sport of boxing, Floyd likes to live a lavish lifestyle and spend big amounts of money. He’s very passionate about owning luxurious items and flaunting his wealth – it’s all part of the brand images he’s built since his ‘Pretty Boy Floyd’ days.

But how exactly does Floyd spend his millions? Here’s how.


It’s an open secret: Floyd Mayweather loves to gamble. It’s a major passion of his – and with so much money, who can blame him? He is a regular in casinos; there’s even a viral video of him online winning over $100,000 on slots in a Vegas casino. If you want to experience the action and fun of an online casino like Floyd does, check out an online casino.

There is also a rumor that, back in 2017, Floyd bet $400,000 on himself to beat Connor McGregor. However, Floyd was allegedly halted by the bookmaker who put a stop to Floyd’s attempted bet. It’s highly likely this is true, as Floyd himself has gone on record several times stating that he has “made and lost millions” while betting.

Luxury cars

Floyd is a luxury car fanatic. He regularly posts videos to his Instagram showcasing his car collection and many different garages. It is estimated Floyd’s car collection is worth nearly $30 million – so no big deal. Out of his many different cars, Floyd’s favorite is said to be the incredibly expensive Bugatti Veyron.


Now that Floyd is semi-retired (every couple of years, he returns for a big payday, like his upcoming fight with Logan Paul), so he likes to travel during his free time. At the drop of a hat, Floyd can hop on to one of his private jets and head anywhere he likes – it’s truly an incredible lifestyle.

Floyd is a big fan of Japan and Dubai, regularly visiting these two places when he needs some downtime.


Nobody on earth has a watch collection quite like Floyd Mayweather. Floyd is obsessed with buying the most expensive watches he can get his hands on – specifically diamond-encrusted ones. Back in 2018, Floyd purchased a watch he claimed to be worth $18 million - the Jacob and Co. ‘billionaire watch’ – which he still owns to the present day. If there was ever a time where Floyd spent all his money and went broke, he wouldn’t need to worry – he could just sell a couple of his watches.


Floyd is too rich to visit any regular barber. Instead, he hires several barbers to travel with him around the world. Floyd has even said that he gets a haircut at least once a week from one of his personal barbers – who he pays million-dollar salaries.

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