Canelo Avarez warns YouTube brothers Paul: 'Boxing could get you killed'

Saul Canelo Alvarez has warned brothers Logan and Jake Paul. The 30-year-old Mexican boxer said that the fighting YouTubers, who have been challenging practically everyone in recent months, will have to watch their steps. The brothers became known through their videos on YouTube. According to Canelo, their new career may very well become their death. The champion only fears that both men do not know what they are getting into. Especially if they continue to test anyone out of the boxing, kickboxing, MMA or any other world.

Tough sport

"This isn't soccer, you know" said Canelo in an interview with journalist Graham Bensinger. "Those fighters can destroy them." That is why he doesn't understand why the boxing unions "just accept" this trend of fighting stars versus professionals. "Why do people get licensed if they've never even thrown 1 punch?", Canelo continued. "If someone dies, the authorities and boxing commissions are responsible. Why? They approved that license, right?" Anyway, Canelo does not understand any of the "intrusive" people in the boxing world like the Paul's.

No code

"They have no respect," Canelo said. "Everything for them is about the money. It's disrespectful to 'real' fighters." Whether Canelo himself would like to fight either Logan or Ben Askren slugger Jake one day? "I would invite them to a sparring session. Then they'll really know what it's all about."

Don't try this at home

Of course one could imagine that the Paul's are the modern day Steve O; willing to take the hit in order to get the ratings. So it's better to just watch them and enjoy them suffering, rather than getting inspired and start challenging professionals yourself. Otherwise you might end up just the way Canelo predicted. And nobody wants that.

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