Jake Paul and Tyron Woodley: Could More UFC Fighters Be Tempted Into Ring with Celebrity Boxers?

Whether you are a lifelong YouTuber or die-hard UFC fan, celebrity boxing matches are one of the latest internet crazes that seems to be here to stay. The rise of celebrity boxers has taken the boxing world, and the YouTube world, by storm in recent years. Jake Paul is an example of a celebrity with no former boxing experience that has found themselves in the ring with a roster of seasoned professionals and UFC fighters in recent years. With his upcoming match against Tyron Woodley on the horizon, is this internet craze here to stay?

A history of celebrity boxing

Celebrity boxing has a strange and unusual history. The phenomenon first originated in 1980s New York where white-collar boxing events took place in local gyms and dominated the airwaves. As the matches picked up momentum, celebrities were soon added into the mix. With local television networks quick to pick up on the popularity of these events, a new genre of reality TV was born, and Fox launched a show aptly named Celebrity Boxing. But as a result of safety concerns, the show was axed after only two episodes. With social media stars constantly looking for new ways to hit the headlines, celebrity boxing experienced a resurgence in 2019 with Jake Paul’s first match against fellow YouTuber KSI.

The reaction so far

With boxing matches between celebrities and industry professionals continuing to captivate audiences all over the world, this so-called trend doesn’t seem to be going anywhere fast. It has even spawned a new era of online sports betting with a growing number of fans familiarising themselves with the latest boxing odds at Casumo and other online casinos in the lead up to a hotly anticipated match. With 50% of viewers interested in seeing their favourite YouTuber succeed and the other 50% thrilled by the return of their favourite boxer, celebrity boxing matches are popular amongst fans of all ages and interests.

The future of celebrity boxing

With future matches announced on a regular basis and more professional boxers getting involved in the craze, celebrity boxing matches are here to stay. Most celebrities taking part benefit from thousands, or even millions, of followers on social media. As a result, matches can generate millions of pay-per-views before the first whistle has even been blown. It has already proven to be a great way to breathe new life into a century-old sport and boost the popularity and follower count of the celebrity opponent. With a number of advantages for both parties involved, celebrity boxing matches are expected to not only make a spectacular return but dominate our screens for years to come. Jake Paul has already won his first three professional boxing bouts so his upcoming match against the former Welterweight Champion is set to be one to watch.

Boxing matches between celebrities and UFC fighters are a fairly recent phenomenon. They have taken both the YouTube world and the professional boxing industry by storm in recent years. With former Disney star Jake Paul’s upcoming match against professional mixed martial artist Tyron Woodley looming, the trend only seems to be picking up steam.

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