Yordenis Ugas vs Manny Pacquiao - Everything About the Upcoming Las Vegas Fight

One of the biggest boxing events will take place on Saturday, August the 21st. However, this much-anticipated event had already had some major turbulence before it even started.

The welterweight fight originally included Manny Pacquiao and Errol Spence Jr. But the fans were left stunned after it was announced that Errol Spence Jr. is pulling out from the competition due to a serious eye injury. With so many major boxing events being canceled over the past year, this course of events seemed painfully familiar to boxing fans worldwide. But, it was soon announced that Yordenis Ugas will take the place of Errol Spence Jr. and that he will once again fight for the WBA welterweight title against Pacquiao.

This came as a great surprise since Pacquiao has not fought for the WBA welterweight title ever since he beat Keith Thurman in July 2019. What is more, he had been recently stripped of the WBA welterweight title due to inactivity.

Nevertheless, the two champions will face each other in the homeland of the American casino, Las Vegas. So, the local fans of arcade slot machines will have something else to look forward to on Saturday. So, what should the sports and the betting fans expect from this match? Let’s find out.

Ugas’ Positive Attitude Goes Against The Odds

A couple of months back, no one would have expected that Pacquiao would face the almost retired Ugas in one of the biggest matches of 2021. And even though Ugas was committed to his family and personal life he is more confident than ever before in his performance in the upcoming match.

This confidence seems to confuse betting fans who spend a lot of time at Irish casino sites and other similar gambling platforms. Other than being familiar with different arcade slot machine games, these betting fans are well aware of the fact that Pacquiao will enter the fight as a sure favorite at -430. On the other hand, the odds on Ugas stand at +300. So, his obvious confidence seems to confuse betting fans.

For committed bettors, Ugas’ attitude towards the upcoming match can be a clear sign that he’s ready to give his best inside the ring. Which can become a real threat to the obvious favorite. Many wagerers considered this match as a sure bet, but now they are having second thoughts. Usually, when bettors visit casino online pl they wish to test their luck or use a welcome bonus to play an arcade slot machine game. But when they see an upcoming match such as this one, they forget about luck and count on their logic and previous knowledge of the fighters involved. And when they take a look at the odds, the situation couldn’t be clearer.

Except for the Yordenis Ugas’ attitude.

In his recent interview, he stated that he doesn’t care about the prize, that the main reason he’s fighting Pacquiao is his legacy and his country. And as we all know this can be a huge motivator for different athletes. And just like many betting fans who play slot machine arcade games simply for fun, it seems that Ugas is saying to the audience that he’s coming into the ring ready to enjoy himself.

Additionally, he’s stated that he’s well aware of his opponent and what he can do. So, we also get the feeling that he knows Pacquiao’s fighting style well and that he’s ready to face him.

Pacquiao Still Remains The Favorite

Regardless of the recent statements made by Ugas, Pacquiao still remains the favorite of the Las Vegas match. So many fans of betting, gambling, and arcade slots games are reassured that he is still a sure bet. And unlike cash arcade slots in which their winnings are based entirely on luck, Pacquiao promises an almost sure victory.

It was for a good reason that Ugas stated that the match against Pacquiao is one of the most important ones of his career. And Pacquiao himself announced that he won’t take Ugas for granted.

Bettors who enjoy testing their luck on an arcade game slot machine usually pick a fight where opponents are ranked close to each other. This means that the end result will depend mostly on circumstances and luck. So, those who find playing a pokies arcade game exciting should steer clear from betting on Ugas vs Pacquiao, because it almost certainly looks like the winner is already known.

Additional Information

Lastly, here is some of the basic information that all boxing and betting fans should know before the match begins.

The match between Yordenis Ugas and Manny Pacquiao will begin at 9 PM Eastern time, on Saturday, August 21st.

Those watching the big match from home can do so via FOX PPV.

The event will take place at the T-mobile arena in Las Vegas.

The bettors can find different odds for this match. While some sportsbooks will give the 35-years old Ugas the betting odds of -360 others will even give this fighter from Cuba -430.

The situation is completely different for the 42-year old Pacquiao from the Philippines. Certain sportsbooks have odds that start at +300, and others changed his odds due to Ugas’ confidence to +280.

It seems that sportsbooks already have a favorite, but that doesn’t mean that we won’t be seeing an unexpected turn of events on Saturday.

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