Developing and Promoting Your Boxing Podcast

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Tips and Samples on How to Promote Your Boxing Podcast

Boxing is much easier and sometimes more effective rather than many martial arts that cannot be as effective on the streets. The reason is simple here – their philosophy and ethics are known by practicing people but not by criminals. That is why learning boxing basics is useful for everyone, just to back up security. Even if this sport seems to be simpler than other martial arts with their philosophy, it is still associated with lots of aspects to consider. And there are also many interesting things to share.

If you have your own boxing podcast and want to promote that, it is easy. We will share with you useful points to emphasize while creating, arranging, and promoting your boxing content.

It is surely difficult to write about the correct manner of boxing and other, let’s say empirical, things. But, for those people who prefer understanding all issues they meet with, transcribe audio to text so they can read it easily. That will be better for all – for them to find out more about boxing and for you because of gaining new followers. By the way, transcription services may help you not in this aspect also. That will go a bit later.

Building Your Strategy of Promotion

If you wish to get more reviews or make your podcast more popular, it is better to develop a complex promotional strategy of promotion. Here are things we suggest you pay attention to while redesigning your boxing podcast.

Target Audience

Content is surely important, but before developing (or redeveloping it), you should understand for sure the type of target audience you are going to work with. You may create content that will be interesting for people who are new to this industry. But, this content will not be interesting to professionals. The same thing is with your content for professionals. That may appear to be too unclear to people who are new in this industry. If you want to cover all types of audiences, you need to double your effort to keep the interest of your mixed audience permanently. If you are not ready to devote the exact amount of time and effort, the next things are preferable.

Shape in your mind a view about the audience you want to join your podcast. List its parameters, like age, tastes, social groups, level of competency, interests, etc. Existing hashtags may help you with that. After forming this view, you will be able to approach forming your content more precisely.


You should think from the point of view of your future reviewers when forming your podcast. Of course, you should place those recordings that interest you in the first turn. But, you are making this web thing not only for yourself, don’t you? And you want to promote it, don’t you?

Review similar podcasts to find out topics and recordings that interest users most of all. If these topics are among your interests and boxing experience, develop such. Perfectly, if you will develop a plan of placing content to make your podcast maintenance continuously and keep your audience.

Applied or Boosted SEO

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a thing that can help your podcast to be more visible. How can you reach that? It is easy. Pick the right keywords and insert those into descriptions, titles, and topics. Where to find the exact keywords? TOP10 Google searches will help you with that. Also, there are different online SEO tools that can help you generate the exact keywords to make your podcast more noticeable. Later, you will need to include such keywords organically to your content only. We speak about the recordings themselves and their description.

For a better user experience, there is also an option of ordering transcription services for making the entire content transcribed. In this way, you may easily attract more people, especially those who prefer reading to listening or simply don’t have time for listening to recordings entirely. This is a convenient way for arranging your podcast and placing keywords there too.

Samples for Inspiration

If you are tired of constantly thinking about how to boost and promote your boxing podcast, we suggest you look through these inspirational podcasts. Review those to develop your own ideas.

Boxing Life Stories

Do you want to get more information about boxing from the former workers of Boxing News? This is the right podcast for you, then. It contains numerous interviews and interesting materials on boxing and is updated weekly.

Leave It in the Ring Radio

This is an amazing collection of recordings with post-fight reviews, boxing news, and interviews of industry experts. Here you can get more information from boxing champions, fans, and trainers who will share with you their experience and thoughts on various boxing matters. Don’t miss this podcast to find out more.

The Boxing Voice

This podcast is something unusual. Here you may find lots of interesting facts and news about the boxing industry. Many discussions, interviews, and news are available here. This podcast is updated very often – 8 times per week. If you want to get regular updates, this is the right place for you.


This podcast is designated to provide more information by using talks and friendly interviews with industry professionals and champions. It will be useful for those who are interested in exploring everyday topics on boxing.

Below the Belt

Are you interested in getting information that is not mentioned anywhere? This podcast may be the right one for you then. Excellently-created content with lots of details covered about different boxing matters is waiting for you here. Different topics are investigated here by industry experts and simply enthusiasts who deal with this matter for a long time. Take a look at the time to know more.

Final Words

If you are experiencing difficulties with developing your boxing podcast, that is not such a problematic issue that it appears to be. Define your audience, create a picture of your future content, make your content transcribed, apply SEO, and keep yourself inspired by reviewing all industry news regularly. Automated transcription software or professional human transcription service may help you a lot with routine transcription work, developing better ideas for your podcast, and making it more visible. Develop your worthy content or simply make it more visible. Follow this advice and make your life easier with transcription services.

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