Top-5 Most Valuable Players in The Super Bowl 2021

NFL Super Bowl 2021 is back again and this time, you can bet on the most valuable players to earn more money. NFL is a thrilling game and no doubt, all players give their best to win and while betting, it is quite hard to judge who will be the worthy performer of the game. So, this time, you don’t have to worry anymore because you got the list of top 5 most valuable players in Super Bowl 2021 so you can place your bets on Sbobet with highest efficiency.

NFL MVP 2021- 2022 Leading Contenders

As stated earlier, NFL is a game of expectation and the MVP can be from the winning or losing side. Before 1971, the MVP players in the Super Bowl were from the winning team, but Chuck Howley (Dallas Cowboy) changed the scenario and was awarded even after the team lost the game against Baltimore Colts.

In Feb 2021, Tom Brady of Tampa Bay Buccaneers was awarded MVP of Super Bowl LV. This time, many players are in a race and it is quite hard to judge among the best ones. So, here in this article, a complete analysis of season stats, playoff stats, and Super Bowl MVP odds of players are considered to give you the best.

5 Most Valuable Super Bowl 2021 Players

1) Tom Brady

Tom Brady is a leading player in the race of MVP in Super Bowl 2021. His seasonal stats are amazing; 102.2 average passer rating, passing the yards around 4633 times, amazing touchdown passing number, i.e., 40, and 12 interceptions.

Earlier, Tom Brady was in a team of New England Patriots and won 4 times MVP Super Bowl awards, and later on, he moved to Tampa Bay Buccaneers and won 1 most valuable player award in the game. Tom Brady Super Bowl MVP odd is +1200 and this rating is quite good in this sport to be in the race of MVP.

2) Patrick Mahomes

Patrick Mahomes doesn’t need any intro in the NFL game as he is the star of the game and has earned many awards and achievements. He plays for Kansas City Chiefs and recently he signed again with this league. Patrick Mahomes is the youngest player in NFL to win MVP league and Super Bowl awards.

Patrick Mahomes has amazing stats records, if you see his last year's performance, you will be amazed. He has 4000+ passing yards in three consecutive seasons and thus he became the third player in the NFL history to set this record. Moreover, he ranks first in passer rating, i.e., 108.7, and in his 37 games played so far, he has an achievement of 91 touchdowns.

Patrick Mahomes is an outstanding player and set new records in his initial career, for instance, in his 34th game, he created a milestone in NFL history by passing 10,000 yards and thus became the fastest quarterback in NFL history to do this task. In respect of touchdown, he is the one who did 75 touchdown passes that only in his 30th game and this is the amazing record in NFL history.

If you remember the AFC championship, you did notice the performance of Patrick against Tennessee as he set the record for a passing touchdown and a rushing touchdown. He is an amazing player and has given his best in NFL.

3) Travis Kelce

Travis Kelce is best known as a tight end in NFL and plays for Kansas City Chiefs league. He is the best player and set numerous records such as 1000 yards receiving from tight end, most receiving yards from a tight end in a single season, and many more.

Travis Kelce is quite aggressive in the field and sometimes this nature brings trouble for him. The best example is of 2014 season; after the loss against Denver Broncos, he showed an immature hand gesture and due to this he was fined $11,025. But if you leave this incident and go with his track records, you will find Travis Kelce as an amazing player.

In the 2019 Super Bowl Championship, Kelce has 97 receptions for 1229 yards and set the record of receiving 1000 yards in 4 consecutive seasons. In the 2020 Super Bowl, Kelce showed his outstanding performance by holding 8 catches for 109 yards and a touchdown.

4) Tyreek Hills

The entry of Tyreek Hills into the NFL was very challenging but his speed and fitness broke all the barriers. Finally he was signed by Kansas City Chiefs in the 2016 NFL draft. In NFL, Tyreek Hill is best known as a wide receiver and to date, he has 58 touchdowns including one return kick. He became the fastest player of Kansas Chief of receiving 4000 yards and that also in his 58th game.

In season 2020, Tyreek Hill set a record of receiving the most touchdown in a single season, i.e., 15. The pair of Hills and Kelce is outstanding in NFL. Together, they set many records including 10+ receiving touchdowns and 1000+ receiving yards in a single season.

Tyreek Hill is the first person in NFL history to do the rushing touchdown, kick return touchdown, and receiving touchdown in a single match. In the AFC Championship match, Tyreek Hill got an achievement of a multi-touchdown against Tennessee. Hill became the sixth person in NFL history to receive 2 touchdowns, 200 receiving yards, and 10 receptions in a game.

5) Chris Jones

Chris Jones is better known as Defensive Tackle in NFL and plays for Kansas City. He joined Kansas in the 2016 NFL draft and played the first match against San Diego Chargers and handled two solo tackles. That was the beginning of his career and since then, Chris Jones never turned back and bagged 40.5 sacks to date.

Chris Jones's defensive attack is amazing. In 2019, he registered 9 sacks and in 2020, he got 7.5 sacks. His performance made the chiefs in the top position in those two years. Moreover, he consistently gripped at least one sack in 11 games and thus created a record in NFL history.

Closing Thoughts

So, these were the list of the top 5 most valuable players in Super Bowl 2021. Want even more? Check the latest livescores on Buaksib. If you love betting and want to take a chance, these top players may change your luck and you can get beyond your expectation.

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