Boxing: self-defense skills and a perfect summer body

While investigating the foreign information space, we came across interesting material about boxing as a fitness. The sport is especially attractive for young people and students. As a College student, I enjoyed doing boxing in the evenings, when I didn’t have to rate my paper myself, and could get qualified help instead.

At first glance, a lot has been said about boxing, says the coach, martial arts specialist Robert Rode. But this is only at first glance. Boxing is probably the most diverse physical training of all sports.

Boxing is not only general physical training but also the development of coordination of movements and even fine motor skills.

Deceptive image

Many people think of boxing as fitness with a fair amount of skepticism. It is believed that this is a sport for "serious men". But this is most likely the judgment of those who have only seen boxing on TV and have never crossed the threshold of the hall.

Why can't a fight, for example, with a shadow, and then physical exercises be considered good fitness? Or working with a rope? A pear? And good sparring?

"Most likely, it is the image that television and other media create. That is, boxing is perceived far from positively in aesthetic terms. Bruises, broken noses, and eyebrows. That's why people don't perceive boxing as fitness," Robert Rohde believes. —At least that's how I see it, based on my own experience as a boxing and fitness trainer."

But still, why do many people do boxing as a fitness? And this is personalized boxing, with a personal trainer in special fitness classes.

Here is the opinion of Gunther Gebauer, professor of philosophy and sports researcher: "Boxing is not just the ability to beat. This is a systematic way of life, as well as a special sports regime. Boxing is a very versatile sport that develops not only the hands, but a lot of work also goes to the legs.

Today, people who often lead a sedentary lifestyle artificially need to increase the endurance of the body, in muscle training. Otherwise, they will atrophy and fall into complete decay.

Boxing forces muscles to work in every part of the body - these are legs, stomach, back, and, of course, arm muscles."

Indeed, earlier the hunter-man was forced to run for prey, the farmer-man to work with a hoe or plow. All this kept the body in good shape since physical exertion (and often exorbitant!) formed by themselves. That was the way of life. The modern "computer man" is simply obliged to give his muscles a load without urging. And boxing, like fitness, is the most suitable tool, says Gunther Gebauer.

The reasons for effectiveness

There is another aspect of boxing as a fitness — social. This increase in self-esteem, as well as the assessment of others— is an additional motivation for an amateur athlete. In other words, boxing, even in the form of fitness, is cool!

Even if there is no direct sparring contact with partners in the gym. Speaking of sparring. "Many of those who are engaged in boxing, as fitness, avoid fights. There may be several reasons. Fear. Fears of coming to work with a black eye. Actually, in boxing-fitness classes, you can completely do without sparring. But you need to know that even professional boxers are afraid," says Hans Ehrlich, a fitness trainer specializing in boxing. "And being able to overcome fear is one of those qualities that is very valuable not only in sports but also in life."

How to deal with fear?

At the physical level, when fear occurs, the following happens: breathing accelerates while increasing the load on the cardiovascular system. Therefore, controlled breathing plays an essential role in boxing. The tension and excitement before a duel or sparring are much higher than the momentum before a 100-meter race.

Very often this is accompanied by high adrenaline. We must try to dose the adrenaline. In this regard, you need to learn how to control excitement and fear by connecting a cold mind.

Thus, there are many reasons to practice this sport. Even if you don't want to get into the ring.

Summing up, let's say: boxing is not only a great fitness but also a charge for the mind, the awakening of emotions that are very useful in everyday life.

Classic boxing, martial arts elements, or intensive fitness? Pump up your abs!

Many girls enroll in the gym in pursuit of a slim and beautiful figure. And some, in turn, train, driven by the desire not only to "pump up" their figure by the summer, but also to acquire useful skills used in life. Especially for such girls, there is a fit box - a mixture of martial arts, intensive interval training, and a self-defense lesson - in one bottle. What is it? And how does a fit box differ from regular boxing?

Fitbox is a group workout consisting of combinations of punches and kicks on a punching bag at a fast pace. What's so special about it? The beauty of this workout is that you get a load on certain muscle groups, comprehensive physical development, the opportunity to master self-defense skills in one lesson. However, do not think that everyone can do such a sport. Such training is experienced for trained people with good coordination of movement and basic physical fitness.

What is the difference between boxing?

There is a stereotype that boxing and all similar types of martial arts are originally male sports. But this is not so, in our time, a lot of girls prefer this type of training, practicing classic exercises for impact speed and endurance.

Globally, there are differences between fitbox and boxing. Girls do not fight in the ring and do not find out who is stronger in sparring. Often this discipline is called "light boxing" or aerobic boxing. For one such activity, a person can spend about 1000 kCal. This works because of the active strikes and jumps. They help to develop endurance, which is sometimes so lacking in everyday life. In the classroom, you will receive a strong intense load with almost no rest. Aerobic work with a pear alternates with strength exercises.

What are the advantages?

Exercises are aimed not only at burning calories but also correct your figure, making it athletic and fit. Coming to class, a person already knows approximately how much energy and calories (800-1000 calories) he will spend in one workout. The workout lasts an average of 60 minutes.

The fitbox trains the cardiovascular and respiratory systems due to the lack of respite during the lesson.

The fitbox will allow you to throw out the accumulated negative emotions. This especially helps when you are stressed or feeling insecure about yourself.

The absence of sparring, painful incidents is an undoubted plus. Not everyone wants to fight, but many want to learn how to defend themselves.

In such classes, you will be instructed and told how to hold a punch correctly, which also helps in mastering the basics of self-defense.

Fitbox is suitable for everyone

Even though it will be easier for people with good training in the classroom, absolutely everyone, without exception, can attend training sessions. Initially, they will help you choose your load level. So the fitbox is suitable for both beginners and professionals.

How does this happen?

First, there is a warm-up, which consists of running, imitating strokes, and stretching. After it, the coach lines up the participants in front of the mirror, there is a training of slopes, movements, or strokes. During the lesson, there is also work in pairs, but it does not imply sparring. In the fitbox, the participants "play" with each other. One person needs to touch the palm of the other, and the opponent must build a conditional defense. After such exercises, the participants train blows on bags and paws, the final of the training is working with a press, stuffed swords, and lightweight.

Excellent option

We have made sure that the fitbox is the perfect combination of the necessary exercises and self-defense skills. Now this discipline is gaining more and more popularity, so why not try it for you?

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