How to Play Casino Games from Your Android

Online casinos are thriving. So, what to do if you are on the road and desperately want to spend time at your favorite casino? That's where online casinos such as CasinoRapid offer the perfect mobile casino.

A mobile casino can be optimized in two different ways: as a web-based casino and a native app.

Let’s have a closer look at how you can play your favorite games and claim exclusive bonuses from mobile casinos on your Android smartphone or tablet.

Why You Should Use an Online Casino App

There are many reasons why you should use a smartphone app for the casino. Here's a short list of probably the most important benefits:

One can have access to the favorite games from anywhere

An optimized environment and look for smartphones

No annoying web browser on the cell phone

You can enjoy the games in full screen

These are just a few reasons and advantages of an app. The smartphone is designed to work better with apps. The casino app for Android is as fast as it is easy to use. A few clicks and you're in. If you are waiting for the train or have a short 5-minute break and want to gamble, then you are very well served with an Android casino app.

What many users like as well is the possibility of depositing and withdrawing via cell phone or tablet. The same payment options are available for apps as in the browser – thus making it the perfect gambling platform.

Bonus Offers on Android Casinos

Bonus offers are available in every Android mobile casino. Here, it must be said that reputable providers put a lot of emphasis on delivering the same experience and offer to players from any strata and regardless of the device.

That is why you will find enough offers in casino apps to get the most out of your deposit. With bonus offers ranging from 100% to 200%, there is a lot of money involved. You should never miss out on a bonus in such a case.

The bonus balance can ensure that you can test certain games without risk before your own money is used, and with a little luck you might catch a big win. Often you get better winnings with a bonus than without, but you can't say it's the rule.

Where to Find the Best Casino App?

When choosing an Android casino app, you should consider the same aspects as when choosing a casino – licensing, game selection, payment options, bonus offers, bonus terms, fast payouts and competent customer service.

How to download a casino app? This is probably the most important question. Before you can even play in an app, you have to download it. There are two ways you can start the download:

From the provider's website

Via the app store

At the best casinos, you will find a section on the operator's website for downloading the software. This file is then downloaded in .apk format.


One thing is for sure, online casinos go to great lengths to deliver the best possible experience and performance to their customers. Gambling has never been as easy to access as it is nowadays. In the past, you had to go extra to the arcade to enjoy the casino life, now the whole thing happens through web browsers or apps.

You can get access to a casino and casino games from anywhere in the world, enjoy great bonus offers and with a bit of luck grab big winnings. If you have never played at an Android casino before, it is probably time!

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