Boxers Who Were Also Successful at the Casino

It can be argued that poker shares some characteristics with poker. It can often come down to a fight between two players, with less active swings, sure. But you have to anticipate your opponent’s next move and react accordingly, usually without a lot of time to think.

Is that what attracts so many athletes to the poker world? Or is it more about having to put that competitive energy somewhere after a long and energy-consuming career?

Who knows for sure? But if you really want to know you can ask any of the boxers on our list. Take a look at the boxers that have got into poker.

David Haye

Britain’s favourite boxer was once known for his career in cruiserweight and then heavyweight boxing, plus his three major world titles, but since 2018, he has left the boxing ring for a chance to sit at the felt table.

Not one for televised tournaments, he has only gained $3,315 in live earnings over three games but has launched his new career with a documentary by Amazon Prime where he sits at the big table of the Grosvenor Casino’s Goliath, the biggest tournament outside of Las Vegas. Is it any surprise then that the doc is called David vs Goliath?

“With my confidence in my own abilities, I thought I’d win it easily,” Hayes said. “Genuinely. I thought if I was doing it for a year, figuring it all out, understanding it, as long as I’ve got the best teachers I’d win it.”

Another world-renowned boxer made an appearance in this David vs Goliath doc, and that would be Audley Harrison.

His time representing Great Britain at the 2000 Olympics and his career in super heavyweight boxing were of no use to Hayes, but the former boxers worked together to fine-tune Hayes’ poker skills, according to this documentary.

He has been seen a few times at the World Series of Poker tournaments and at his personal best for the time he was seen leaving the 2019 WSOP events with prizes from four bracelet events. His take home is a fair bit better than Hayes, with his total live earnings coming to $262,628.

And it seems he’s not done with the sport. So far, he has sat at three WSOP 2021 tables, including the Mini Main Event, where he cashed out $3,274. If you’d like to join him, try your luck at world-class new online casinos and see how it goes.

His current residence is even in Las Vegas. Now that is dedication.

Said El Harrak

Lesser-known former boxer Said El Harrak has entered the poker arena after hanging up his boxing gloves in 2019. The Messenger, as he’s known to his fans, was seen in The Bicycle Casino in California, stepping up to that year’s WSOP Circuit Main Event, no less.

The boxer has served on the undercard of a Floyd Mayweather Jr fight and has a 12-4-2 Win-Loss-Draw record to be proud of, but it seems the Londoner’s true passion has turned to poker.

The British-born Moroccan welterweight has been seen at the WSOP Circuit, knocking through 486 rival entries in the ring to take home a whopping $147,435 for a simple $1,700 entry buy-in. It was his best win to date.

Aside from one listing in 2012, Harrak’s poker career had only been going for three years at this point, and since then has accumulated $889,201 in total live earnings.

But if you’re in Las Vegas, you’re bound to see him. He shows up to tables in Monster Stack, Ultimate Stack, DeepStack Showdown, and plenty more in the various Vegas casinos, although his favorites seem to be The Wynn Fall Classic, and the Grand Poker Series. His latest big win was at the $400 No Limit Hold’em at The Wynn Signature Series where he left the table having won and with $8,544 in his pocket.

Lennox Lewis

The story of Lennox Lewis and poker is a mystery that needs to be solved.

Former three-time World Heavyweight Champion has had a brief and passionate affair with poker but hasn’t married it. He was seen at the table of two World Series of Poker Main Events, in 2006 and 2007.

He got up from the table and left – never to be seen again. He didn’t even cash his chips. What does it all mean? How do you get so high on the poker ladder, only to abandon it? Rumor has it he’s more into chess these days. Maybe he was looking for a calmer game?

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