Round Betting - All Boxing Bettors Need to Know

Watching combat sports like boxing is undeniably thrilling. But what if you can amplify the fun by earning cash once the bout ends?

That is why boxing fans become boxing bettors. This is the most effective way to turn your boxing knowledge into profits. All you need to do is register on a sports betting brokerage service and start placing winning boxing bets.

To help you get started, let’s break down one of the most profitable betting markets for boxing, round betting.

What is Round Betting?

Round betting in boxing is predicting which round the fight will end. This betting can be divided into two categories. The first is called grouped round betting. Here, you will have to guess which fighter will win in which group of rounds.

For example, in one of the much-awaited boxing matches for 2022, Amir Khan vs Kell Brook, you anticipate that Amir Khan will win in rounds 7-8.

The other type is specifying which round exactly your chosen boxer will win. So following our example, you will have to choose between round seven or eight.

Why is this betting profitable?

For boxing punters looking to bet a little but still want to win big, round betting is a great option. In terms of the main bout odds, boxing has both fighters priced close to each other. But the odds in round betting are bigger making the returns per winning bets higher.

And that’s because unlike moneyline betting, where you only have to predict who will win, round betting has additional conditions (such as which round the boxer will win).

You’ll know more about these conditions as we get more specific about the types of bets you can make in this boxing betting market.

Betting types for round betting

There are a lot of propositional bets you can make in round betting.

• Method of Victory. Aside from determining who will win, your profit will be even bigger if you guess how the fight will be finished. For boxing, the main methods are through Knockout (KO), submission, or the judges’ unanimous decision.

• Fight Go the Distance. Another way to earn extra is predicting if all rounds will be completed (meaning the match winner will be decided by the judges). This will be a simple ‘Yes’ or ‘No’ bet.

• Total number of Rounds. This is also known as Over/Under betting. But when it’s under the round betting market, you’ll see odds that list a particular round. You will then need to determine whether the fight ends before (under) or after (over) the specified round as provided by your online bookmaker.

Last boxing betting tip

Now that you know more and feel more confident to bet in boxing, don’t forget to claim your bet bonus from your sports betting broker. Asian sportsbooks aggregators like VOdds offer new user bonuses as well as year-round promotions to help newbie gamblers get started in their betting career.

VOdds trading platform is a great bet broker if you’re also interested in betting on football, tennis, and basketball. All you need is one account to access high betting odds for different betting markets.

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