Does Boxing Help With Sports Betting Addiction?

With the proliferation of online gambling in the UK over the last 20 years, a lot of focus has been brought to bear on problem gambling issues. This has led to the UK Gambling Commission putting a lot of pressure on online gambling operators to become members of the GamStop Self Exclusion Registry. The prominence of GamStop has gotten so big that some online gamblers only rest easy because they know there are many betting sites not on GamStop like CasinoWise offers.

In the eyes of lots of sports fans and bettors, boxing has long been a favorite sport. Some of the biggest bouts in history also became some of the most popular sports events on which sports bettors have wagered.

It begs the question, is there a connection between betting addiction and boxing that can be exploited to help alleviate problem gambling issues?

The Connection Between Boxing and Society

Boxing has been around for centuries. It serves as a recreational sports activity, a source for self-protection, and a spectator sport. Under all three of these banners, the sport of boxing has shown the ability to have a great impact on society.

Boxing as a Recreational Activity

Anyone who has ever done any kind of boxing in a gym or club will tell you how intense of a workout they get every time they are punching a bag or doing their footwork. The fact is boxing offers a good workout for almost every muscle in the body, including the heart muscle.

As a recreational activity, boxing helps people stay healthy. Healthy people tend to be happy people. When done safely and for all of the right reasons, boxing has the ability to have a positive impact on society in general.

Boxing as a Source of Self Protection

The world is not always a safe place. For people who feel vulnerable when out in public, there is a need among them to know how to protect and defend themselves. Boxing is a great self-defense option.

When people feel comfortable with their ability to defend and protect themselves, they often feel more confident about participating in life. Since boxing is the simplest source for self-defense and protection, it's fair to say that boxing can have a positive influence on society.

Boxing as a Spectator Sport

Most professional boxers are great athletes. Many of them are also great entertainers. With the combination of boxing prowess, confidence, and personality, professional boxers and some professional boxing matches have the ability to draw millions of spectators via live audience, TV, and PPV closed-circuit TV. Providing good entertainment brings people together and has a positive effect on society.

Does Boxing Help With Sports Betting Addiction?

We have established that boxing can have a positive influence on society. Can it help people with sports betting addiction?

If someone has a sports betting problem, promoting boxing as a sports betting option is a bad idea. It would certainly have a negative impact on someone who is predisposed to bet too much money on boxing matches. Taking boxing wagers off the table, boxing has the potential of being a great help to people who are trying to avoid gambling.

For most problem gamblers, gambling serves as a way to combat personal issues, both financial and emotional. People who are compulsive gamblers are typically trying to fill a hole in their souls.

When someone is hurting and leaning on any kind of addiction, distractions are a good thing. That's where boxing could really help someone who is trying to cope with a sports betting addiction.

A focus on boxing as a recreational activity or self-defense option gives them something meaningful to do. If someone is at the gym or club working out, it's very unlikely they are thinking about their sports betting activities. Instead, they are thinking about their health and safety. That's a good thing.

As a spectator sport, boxing is both an entertainment draw and a magnet for avid sports bettors. If problem gamblers can learn to see boxing as a form of entertainment instead of a wagering opportunity, they can draw on the enjoyment that comes from watching two premium athletes beat on each other until the bout is settled. It's kind of a metaphor. If a problem sports bettor can learn to enjoy watching boxes beating each other up, it might be they will be less likely to beat themselves up by wagering all of their money on sports, especially boxing. That's a good thing.

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