Live betting in Canada: How it differs from the pre-match

Currently, there are two modes, in which you can bet on a particular sporting event. Below we'll talk about live sports betting and how it differs from the pre-match.

Sports betting in Canada

The Canadian Senate passed a law this year which allows one-off betting on a sporting event. Prior to that, it was only possible to bet money on multiple matches in the country. The first betting mode is the classical one, i.e. playing in the pre-match. The idea is that the player makes any bet from the line offered to him sometime before the start of the match. It is possible to place a bet a few minutes before the starting whistle, or a few days in advance. Or even months in case of big tournaments. For example Champions League, European Championships, or World Cups. Live betting is the process of placing a bet directly in the middle of a sporting event. It can be a match or a race. It means that the event is taking place in real-time, and a person bets alongside with it.

Advantage of live betting over prematch betting

Sports betting online has become more and more popular lately, and there are several reasons for this. Let us consider them.

Increases the odds of an accurate prediction

As said before, one of the advantages of playing live versus pre-match is the ability to analyze what is happening on the field/ground. After viewing a portion of the game time, it is possible to draw some conclusions about the game itself, the mood of the opponents, and the likely outcome. In this case, the probability of making the right bet increases.

Movement of odds while betting live

Sometimes the odds on favorites are too low before the start of a match, but they may increase sometime after the start of the event. As a rule, it concerns betting on totals. However, it is important to be careful, in order not to miss the moment. As the outcome of the bet will be known as the event progresses.

What sports Canadians bet on

Canadians' favorite sport is ice hockey. No other sport even comes close to it in popularity. British bookmaker Vulkan Bet specifically for Canadians is expanding its line for this sport, as hockey is not much in demand in the UK.

Seven local teams play in the strongest hockey league on the planet, the NHL. Canada also competes in the

● MLB Baseball League;

● NBA basketball league.

Each of the leagues features one team from Canada. In addition to basketball and baseball enjoy increased attention from Canadian MMA bet lines as well:

● tennis;

● football;

● golf;

● soccer.

Other winter sports in addition to hockey are also popular with Canadians. Canada is one of the best places in the world for downhill skiing, snowboarding or heli-skiing. But for betting they are not very convenient due to the fact that competitions in them do not boast a periodicity.

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