What determines the betting odds of both fighters in a betting match?

Making money has now become the order of the day and sports betting has made it easier for many people to keep up with money-making. Before, betting on a sports team required going to an offline bookmaker. But now, betting is easier. You can bet from any internet-connected device. There are many online bookmakers. Each bookmaker has a different strategy of enticing customers to come and wager bets. Some strategies might be in the variety of games they offer customers or an easy-to-use interface. The most enticing of all their strategies are the bonuses and rewards.

Each bookmaker offers its users rewards that would make them stay longer using them. Some provide new users bonuses if they sign up with them. Offering prizes for signing up is the most exciting offer that most gamblers like to get a hold of. An excellent example of this type of reward is the betfair sign up offer. How the sign-up offer works are different in each betting site. Some offer their new users a percentage of their first wager to withdraw or use as a stake. Some offer instant free stake limited to a particular amount. Whatever the strategy is, no one would reject free money.

If you want to bet, you must understand how the odds are placed. If you are not familiar with this information, you will lose your first bet. A vital piece of information for you to have about the odds is that the way the odds are written depends on the type the bookmaker is using. Now, you might be shocked if you are new to betting because no betting site tells you the kind of odds they use. There are three types of odds, American odds, also known as money line, European odds, also known as decimal odds, and British odds. There is a vast difference in the way they are all written, and it is essential to know everything about them, in order not to make mistakes in wagering at a party that might not win. After understanding odds, you'd wonder what factor(s) determines them.

Factors that determine the odds in a game

● The previous games of the fighter: This factor is a critical determinant of the odds of the game. The bookmaker acquaints itself with the earlier performances of both fighters. If possible, the previous games are watched to know which of the two players is better. However, if the players are famous, it makes the comparison easier for the bookmaker.

When the comparison is made, the odds are placed so that the bet placed on the player who is more likely to win has a lower profit. The fighter, who might not win, has a higher yield. If you place a bet on the weaker fighter and triumph, your profit would be greater than winning a chance for the stronger fighter.

● Position of the fighter: They consider if the fighter is an underdog or favorite. The odds are always in favor of the choice than the underdog. This is why the stake on the underdog is low, and the profit, if the fighter wins, is massive. The chances of the underdog winning are low.

For example, if the odds are six by 1. The odds for the underdog would be 6/1, while for the favorite, it would be ⅙. The amount to stake for the favorite would be -600, while the underdog would be +400. So, for every 600 you bet, you get 100. While for the underdog, for every 100, you get 400.


Bookmakers don’t just dish out odds without considering factors closely related to the game. The fighters play a significant role in the determination of the odds. It is not hard to understand how these sportsbooks place their odds. If you watch the fighters' performance, then you would even be able to predict the odds that are placed on the different players. Having a sound knowledge of this gives you an upper hand over the other bettors.

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