British Scientists: Boxers Tend Not to Suffer from Gambling Addiction

With the proliferation of online gambling throughout the world, scientists and researchers have been busy doing problem gambling studies. Sometimes, the results they are finding seem to defy logic and be beyond comprehension.

In a recent study, British scientists found that professional boxers tend to show a low propensity to becoming problem gamblers. That's very interesting considering the fact that much of boxing's appeal is indicated through sports betting windows from all over the world. While boxing fans gamble and are subject to problem gambling issues, why are boxers seemingly able to avoid a similar fate?

They are three things that seem to help boxers avoid problem gambling issue:

• Their Discipline

• Need to Manage Financial Resources

• Handlers and Staff

Their Discipline

For gamblers to avoid becoming problem gamblers, they have to have a strong level of discipline. They have to have the ability to set their gambling standards and abide by them. Even online gamblers who choose to use betting sites not on GamStop such as NonGamStopWager will typically establish their gambling bankrolls and walk away when things don't go well.

Boxers, in general, tend to be very disciplined individuals. When they sign on the dotted line for a fight, they typically head to the gym and start working towards being properly prepared for their upcoming bout. In doing so, they seem to be very focused on the task at hand, which leaves them little room for any kind of addictive behavior.

Yes, boxers can get a little rambunctious between bouts. With money in the bank, there are plenty of top boxers who enjoy visiting casinos and wagering online. They might even do it on a regular basis. However, regular gambling does not constitute problem gambling. If a person has the means to gamble and doesn't create personal issues because of their gambling habits, they should not be considered problem gamblers.

As a case in point, former boxing great Floyd Mayweather has been known to make large sports bets on a regular basis. Does that make him a problem gambler? It's near impossible to tell because he remains financially stable with nary a report that indicates he has any major issues in his life. Given his high profile, reporters would certainly report on any kind of issues Mayweather might be facing, including gambling addiction issues.

Need to Manage Personal Finances

It's important to understand that not all professional boxers fight for seven-figure paydays. In fact, most professional boxers spend their lives fighting on undercards for meager purses. It's only through a long series of successful bouts that the really good boxers will rise to the level of "main event" status. That's when the big money starts to flow.

With limited financial resources, a lot of professional boxers have to be careful about managing their finances. While facing a long climb to the top of the rankings, many boxers have to limit their discretionary spending. Without enough sponsorship, they have to stay focused on making sure they have enough financial resources for training. That often serves as a deterrent to boxers getting too involved with gambling.

Handlers and Staff

Very few professional boxers work on their own. Most successful boxers and boxers on the rise have to maintain an "entourage." In that entourage, even average boxers have to employ managers, business managers, and trainers. That creates a lot of people who end up with a vested interest in the success of their boxers.

As part of being in a boxer's entourage, members have some responsibility for making sure their "employers" stay out of trouble and focus on their boxing careers. There is no room for distractions if a boxer truly wants to stay in the ring. Since many boxers lack the training or education to do anything else, staying in the ring is critical to them.

Regarding a boxer's participation as a gambler, there are handlers that always have an eye on the boxer's gambling habits. This matters because a lot of gambling matches take place in places like Atlantic City and Las Vegas. Since most boxers are of gambling age, there is absolutely nothing wrong with them playing casino games or betting on sports. If handlers are doing their jobs, boxers should have help with the limiting of their gambling bankrolls.

With discipline, limited financial resources, and handlers looking out for the boxer's welfare, it's understandable why so many boxers can avoid gambling addiction.

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