Tyson Fury Teases Sensational Return To WWE

Tyson Fury has hinted that he could swap the boxing ring for the world of WWE, which is craving for household names.

Having achieved virtually everything there is to do in the world of boxing, Fury has scaled the heights of the sport, and he is arguably the best heavyweight of his generation. A sixth-round KO win over Dillian Whyte last month meant Fury successfully defended his WBC heavyweight title.

Fury has enjoyed some magical nights, and he has gone his entire career unbeaten. After his victory over Whyte, Fury seemed to initially suggest that he would retire and hang up his boxing gloves, so that he could spend more time with his family.

However, Fury appears to be tempted to have another go at WWE, having pocked several million dollars for his contest with Braun Strowman in Riyadh three years ago.

And when asked for his thoughts about having a second crack at WWE, Fury said: “Don’t rule me out of fighting there. You might see me at SummerSlam. We’re definitely going to make a bit of contact and see if we can make that SummerSlam thing a reality.

“I enjoyed it last time in Saudia Arabia, it was fantastic, so to come here and do it would be phenomenal. I’d love to be at Cardiff, I’d love to be in the centre stage in the UK.”

Fury’s bout with Whyte drummed up a lot of excitement for fans especially as it was an all-British affair, but this is just one of many fights taking place this year that will spark plenty of interest from a betting perspective.

Many of the top sportsbooks will carry odds for bouts happening in the future, as well as plenty of lines for any given fight on the main or undercard taking place on a weekend, with top operators such as William Hill and Betway offering free bet codes for fans to use.

These sportsbooks also have fabulous betting apps complete with live betting markets, so you can keep abreast of the action if you are on the move.

A return to WWE doesn’t seem that far-fetched for Fury, and he strikes you as one of those pugilists who will get quite restless as he thrives being in a highly competitive environment. He could of course go down the trainer route, but that seems to be something that could happen later down the line.

Fury has gained more fans worldwide over the past couple of years from his bouts with Deontay Wilder, and he wouldn’t be out of place in the WWE area. Whether it is just a publicity stunt remains to be seen, but should he go back in the ring, he would be warmly received.

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